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Flight of the Wild Ghost
Finally A Forge for a Real Identity
I have dealt with many fighters of multiple races as a coach and trainer.
I have noticed that the men least likely to have the will to do combat with a prepared combatant—to lace on gloves with me, cross sticks, or salute with machetes and then go at it—are men who are either ideologically or racially identified.
Some ideologically and or racially politicized people have sought me ought for training. A higher proportion of these than normal, are fearful, terrified of contact and unwilling to do contact training. Those who are willing to fight and are also strongly identified with higher ethnic or political ideals are real tough customers, superior men.
My experiences here have left me to the conclusion that BLM and Antifa and their much smaller mirror image reactionary counterparts are primarily composed of Beta males. Interestingly, the leaders of these organizations on the Left seem to be managerial media types [most compatible with capitalist society they pretend to hate even as it provide sustainable protective cover for their applied hate].
The leaders on the Right, and by this I mean the figure heads, are all of philosophical-political-media type. In other words, the “top men” on both extremes of the American false polarity, are sissies and faggots and rabble rousers and shit-talkers, not leaders of the type that our ancestors would recognize as such, but rather bottom feeding naval gazers seducing alienated souls and completely unlikely to lead any movement against the interests of the current system of control. They do, however, provide a social vent and an additional opportunity to free the Aryan soul from its Modernist snare by disappointing the awakened man on a deeper level than can be done by such a shallow social construct as America.
I have two fighters who have just backed out of identity groups largely based on what they are learning through combat about who will stand by you in dire straits.
Speaking of identity groups, I now know of 8 Baltimore Area martial arts clubs that have forever closed their doors and of other martial arts gyms and clubs that are losing combatant loyalty over the Shamdemic and the BLM coup. We are entering a phase that will require secret training and weapons of old technologies. Combat training itself has now become infected with politics, is therefore debasing rapidly, and hence gaining value. The ability to have a secret network of men to train with is now a necessity. It is also increasingly obvious who will not stand by you—the man afraid to shake the Shamdemic hand, the man that can’t train except under a BLM banner…
This is a good time to be a man of the secret hand.
I was honored to receive this from a leftist man of Color yesterday, on Father’s Day:
“Hey man, turns out you’re a father figure to a crew of violence minded, cynical bastards. Have a great Father’s Day, buddy. Hope you’re having a good day.”
I point out, that he is a Leftist, even as the guy I was training with when I received this text is a Rightest, for the simple fact that they are just men, bastardized by the world that hates all men, and they both find themselves searching for the only two politicized avenues of dissent presented by the System of Control. Eventually, they will both find a third way. Our system is built on the false premise that there can be only two ways. But the fighter who is true to himself soon discovers that there are as many Third Ways as there are Men [not people, only Men] willing to seek them.
My suspicion is that “rightest” organizations in America, are primarily configured as nets to bag dissenting minds in service to the Deep State and that their antagonists on the Left facilitate this even as they gaslight the media-fed herd.
I was recently training with a young man when I admitted that I would train anyone, including Antifa, BLM, PIGs and “Nazis” in combat. He seemed puzzled, so I explained that my top four reasons for training any man willing to compensate me in some way [usually by just being a training partner]:
-1. To keep the combat arts alive, for their own sake, as potential soul survival tools for some future outcast like myself,
-2. To hone my ability to coach and practice combat for purely survival based reasons,
-3. To make myself valuable to violent actors, being primarily the Left, secondarily the System and thirdly the Right, not because I believe in any of their doctrines or activities, but simply so that they will be less likely to attack me,
-4. Fourthly, the opportunity to terrorize one-to-one those who wish to learn fighting so that they can terrorize people very much like me. Beating the shit out of a roomful of cops in baton training has long been a fantasy of mine. Sparring with koolaid-haired militants would be almost as much fun.
I have no inclination to be a Good Man, simply a desire to be an effective combatant in a world finally in the process of shedding its sissy veil under the reign of our newest and most potent false gods of the Lie Modernity. Even false gods bring their boons, in this case offering us the feral brutality they’ve been unable to unlearn, and in their unthinking efforts to become Kings in small-case ignorance, at last to free us from our traitor-made cocoons.
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