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‘A Lack of Qualitative Silence’
Silence is Golden by Aiden at The Bernard Option
I have recently been invited to read from a site that appears to be one of the many attempts to recapture Catholicism for the sacred and take it back from the secular succubae that pollute its sanctuaries and corrupt its once and future mission. The journey of the ascetic soul is approached in terms of the cacophony of the inane from which the slave of modernity has to emerge to be able to resist the call to sloth.
“We live in a noisy world. Voices clamor for your attention, digital hawkers shove their products under your nose in increasingly surreptitious ways, and music is always in the background and available at a touch. Not too long ago music was only available performed live and one needed some level of proximity to the snake oil salesman to hear his pitch. Now, each of the tendrils of modern media have a megaphone firmly in their slimy grasp assaulting your senses demanding your ever-decreasing awareness and wallet.”
Every paragraph of Silence is Golden is arranged with useful critiques alongside positive advice for resisting the strident call to dissipation. I would have titled the article, Silence is Iron. Quietude is the precondition for consistent success in dangerous and uncertain times.
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DeniseSeptember 18, 2020 1:14 AM UTC

Brings to mind, "Be still and know God."

I just recently bought your book, "Letter From The Fall, Civilization Decomposes" and am halfway through it. What book of yours do you recommend I read next to prepare for what's coming?
responds:September 18, 2020 2:00 AM UTC

Waking Up in Indian Country

Thriving in Bad Places

Email me when you buy one and I'll send you an e-copy of When You're Food: Raw which lays out the bad odds context.

There are dozens of Harm City books. Anytime you buy one let me know by email and Ill send you a pdf of another.