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‘The Most Christ-Like Figure’
The CBS Worship of Politician John Lewis After 17-Terms on the Cross: 7/27/20
11:45 A.M. Raven Inn Baltimore County MD
As I sit here I look up to the TV monitor, the sacred oracle of all that is right and good and holy in America to see a solemn, masked, military procession viewed from helicopter, with no attendant crowds as plague stalks the land on winged feet.
The body in the coffin belonged to a 17-term [which means corrupt] politician, who does seem to have earned his place in the power structure by being beaten with a police baton in his youth during the Civil Rights movement.
The young man sitting next to me at his lunch is incapable of maintaining his cool as he is assailed with a deified image of a man who is of the same sainted group of knightly class martyrs who used to beat him up on a regular basis on his way to and from school as a boy while Mister Lewis reigned as a high status elite.
Fortunately we are in a ghost zone and there are no knights to challenge him to combat and end both of our lives under a tide of blue uniforms coming to avenge knightly defeat. However, such gas-lighting of my hated kind is going to effectively elicit emotive responses from those of us conditioned to media manipulation. The man I am with thinks he is immune to media manipulation because he views only media he agrees with. However, that has conditioned him to flashes of public exposure when he is placed in contact with the media yin to his media yang diet.
When the ghost woman oracle proclaims that John Lewis was “the most Christ-like figure” I lost the rest of the statement in the sound of my lunch companion’s chair dragging and him rising and cursing, and, If we had been here for dinner instead of lunch, might have resulted in a room clearing brawl between him and the knightly class who come here for their dinner in the very place where us peasants enjoy our lunch.
The human need for religion and faith in something greater than them has been successfully coopted in faith in and worship of our most corruptible and contemptable fellows—politicians.
Belief that the Orange Man is the devil on the left is supported that he is Christ’s soldier on the right. I get Christian messages to vote for Christ and God, and can clearly see that both poles of the paranoid-schizophrenic collective mind are maintained in perfect delusion and dysfunction by the belief in the retarded post-modern American mind that the meet-puppet political functionaries put in place by their banker masters are either messianic saviors or diabolic evildoers.
Cotton Mather in his powdered wig and the witch-burners of Reformation America live on in the person of bleach-blond talking heads who will be burning books and warlocks instead of slaves and midwives.
And even the self-described rational minds of dissent dangle dancing onward towards the bonfire of their own truth-extinguishing vanity.
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