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Song of the Sewer
A Report from Gotham by Banjo and from Nero the Pict beyond Yo Adrian’s Wall…
I received this evening a picture on my dumbphone from Bannjo, at 9/18/20, 5:08 P.M. showing a swarm of black-and-yellow suited PIGs in NYC. The scene of the riot is occupied by 90% PIGs, with no protesters visible, so outnumbered they are by the PIGs.
Here is Banjo’s accompanying text message.
“EMT in the wings. Riot geared cops with stacks of ziptie cuffs. White shirt sergeants overseeing shrill bitches yelling, ‘this is not democracy!’
Dude in $1500 tennis shoes waving a BLM flag. Southside of Washington Square Park [1].
I think people are trying to block traffic.
Voting can fix it, riiiight?!!?
Biden losing will precipitate a situation where people being attacked will fight back…take the bait. [2]
People might be begging for a total lockdown.
What crazy times we live in.
The weird thing is that there are more police here then BLM folks. A squad of 14 bike cops just rolled by. There are mobile tech units…cops on computers. Probably 300-plus cops here.
Probably 50 vehicles and a corrections bus they parked 4 blocks away.
Two plain clothes cops rolled up behind me while taking pictures from a distance [looks like a full bock away]. I turned and looked at them eye to eye as I was putting my bike helmet on. One was squatting and pretending to mess with his phone. He got up as soon as I went to leave. The other kept looking away and back at me. I suppose I blend in with these protesters [think David Carrideen as Quai Chang Cain in the Kung Fu series]. This is entertainment to me. More real than the boring Las Vegas Owned UFC.

I think any of the “battleground states” are going to see this [Lancaster Riots], especially the 2nd and 3rd tier cities. Lancaster is a hive of Leftist and Antifa pols and populace. That incident essentially happened in our [training partner’s] back yard. He called me last night. Asked my opinion. Shit is getting weirder and worse. I know you think that this is like a Reconstruction or Reformation period. [I think both], which makes it really weird. I generally don’t disagree. However, there were times during the post Civil War Reconstruction where things got “hot.” This might be one of those phases. Stay safe and hope you feel alright.
-Nero the Pict

A civil war requires opposing, uniformed, military units vying for control of the government. This may happen soon as a result of the quick leftist victory over the meek boomer citizenry. There are definite witch-burning elements of the Reformation going on, along with extreme cultism and ultra-orthodoxy, as well as racial and economic elements of the 1860s and 70s Reconstruction Era. Reactionary elements may yet arise. If they do not, then mentally ill men will be groomed by Creep State agents to play W!@#$ Suprem!@#$% in the same way that such lost souls were once induced by Creep State handler to commit school shootings intended to prep us for shamdemic-inspired online schooling, which is oracle indoctrination. Indeed, a friend of mine recently told me that her grandson’s kindergarten teacher, on zoom, opened the school year with this: “What are the qualities of a superhero?”
Keeping in mind that the ideal of the superhero is counter to western tradition and is civically, racially, religiously and masculinely negating, this is obvious hive propaganda, better absorbed in a lone online trance than in a classroom shared with other actual humans. The KKK, the James Younger Gang and other criminal elements of the past were created by Reconstruction injustices. Any time a foe surrenders and submits—such as Germany in 1918—without having been culled or exterminated or bombed into the stone age, a resentment will well up and resistance will develop and open civil war may break out. This will serve the System, in that any such activity will finally justify mass genocide and ideaocide, with drastic and massive population reduction the primary goal of current System policy and violent street politics which are one in the same. ]

Thank you Banjo and Nero for that excellent street reporting and insightful commentary.
-1. A year and a quarter ago, in May 2019, after I slept on the sidewalk at 14th and 6th and awakened under a rich man in underwear and flip flops, standing over me while he ate a bagel with cream cheese and read his paper as his dog sniffed me, I walked down to Washington Square Park and slept sitting up on a bench with thirty-odd other bums [yes, bitchute listeners, also n!@@#$%], until it was time to meet Banjo and Pat Dixon of the NYC Crime Report for an interview recording at Stuvyssent Park.
-2. I suspect, that at some point in late 2020 or in 2021, whichever scumbag wins election as Hesitant and Banker Penis Sheath, that at least one ghost man will be burned alive for the crime of voting for Orange Man, and that a crusading order of ebon knights will emerge, executing vile ghost men in the streets of American cities for the Anachronistic crime of being born with pale skin.
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