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Proud Cuntrol
Ghost Writing Phillip K. Dick’s Final Novel: Police Repurposing
If Phil never awakens from his final acid trip and continues dreaming along in his yellow submarine, I’m going to need some immediate villains to vex the protagonist, Roe Jogan, who suddenly finds himself having descended from Truth Seeker to Servant of the Lie. In a future with falling sports ratings, lost faith in the shining Paladins of Justice known as the police, and an inversion of ethics accompanied by ethnic cleansing privilege reassignment and ideological purging of Wrong Thinking persons—indeed their de-personing—what will the future of police work be like?
The overarching task of the police is controlling the massive herds of humans and maintaining them in a state of terrorized alienation. That is timeless.
What have traditionally been the main function of the police in Late Post-Modernity, from most to least expensive tasks?
-1. Mind control, or fighting the Drug War, in an insane quest to prevent humans from altering their own mind. This has had the positive side effects of militarizing the police and growing armies of thugs capable of controlling American cities and keeping people locked in, if only the cops can be reassigned from interfering with the drug trade. Thus one police function has grown two powerful forces for terrorizing humans, one government-owned and the other allied.
I think that the mind control function will be altered to include both actors. The thug faction will serve as feudal lords in service to the elite providing both objects of legacy sacral worship and forces for suppressing freedom of movement, which limits contact with real events and increases the impact of media conditioning.
The police role will be in direct mind control. Rather than the interdiction of drugs, police will punish social behavior, like free association and gatherings and will conduct raids on churches [aided by traitor pastors], unauthorized family get-togethers, medical interdictions, contact trace enforcement, punishing use of bad speak, wrong think and old speak. Unused schools will be used by the mind police for reeducation.
-2. Increasing the State’s monopoly of force by disarming citizens [i.e. The Enemy of the State] is a close second. This effort has traditionally focused on disarming persons in possession of illegal weapons. The disarmament effort will be repurposed to focus on the taking of legally held weapons.
-3. The third most intense use of police resources is traffic regulation, which will be increasingly diverted to automated systems.
-4. Punishment of damage to the body and rights of state property—being human livestock—is the fourth most intensive use of police force and resources.
These police activities will be converted to the liberation of privilege and the just reassignment of property and goods and rights from the formerly privileged to the formerly disposed. Police will protect looters and arsonists who clear territory of genetically evil people for Social Justice Resettlement, Reparations Recovery and gentrification [the gentry necessary to oversee reparations and justice.]
-5 & 6. These two categories of police activities are investigations of crimes and the overseeing of evictions.
Police will be re-tasked with investigating thought crimes, posting dox and plague notices and providing perimeter security for the Social Justice mob. If you think this is strange look at the African American doctor who was represented by W.E.B. Debois a hundred odd years ago. Police acted as lynch mob security in that case and elsewhere. In the future, if you have been reported by a social media platform or informant for a thought crime, police will post the notice and arrest you if you harm any of the volunteer executioners of that notice.
Police will also oversee the evictions of ghost people from the homes they stole from people of color over the ages and will prevent any unguilted ghost from taking Just life through unjust means [see #2 as a preventive measure against un-guilted action]. Such police actions will not include resettlement of unjust ghosts of guilt. These people will just be made homeless. See #7 below.
-7. One aspect of policing that has always known broad-based community support in Modernity, is the persecution of the homeless. This activity will intensify, mostly using resources formerly assigned to traffic violations to drive recently dispossessed ghosts into containment areas, reeducation camps, work houses, hate colonies and away from decent, law-abiding humanity. [1]
-1. Note that congenital guilt is not a crime that can be corrected, but only redirected in service to Justice. A ghost person is genetically incapable of being law-abiding. Those born filled with hate may only abate their moral stain through heroic action or sacrifice:
-a. Surrender of a daughter for gang grooming,
-b. Surrender of a son for gender reassignment,
-c. Killing of “white” racists,
-d. Denouncing of unrepentant family members,
-e. Desecration of a parent or ancestor’s grave,
-f. Submission to reeducation,
Such acts of justice will each be rewarded with certificates of social justice activism that will work like automotive tags, which will grant the bearer temporary social justice status. When this certificate has expired, the re-guilted ghost will fall from grace and be placed on a social justice register.
I suggest this certification process as the trope for the novel I will write for Phillip K. Dick’s long-suffering stoned ghost, which I intend to title one of the following, depending on reader responses:
-We’ll Forget it for You Wholesale
-Do Aryans Dream of We Who Weep
-The Man Too High to Hassle
-The Reeducation of Timothy Archer
-The Readjustment Border
-Minority Export
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Don QuotaysSeptember 27, 2020 6:00 PM UTC

The man to high to hassle has a nice ring to it.

And I can't recall anything near it.
responds:September 28, 2020 12:15 AM UTC

Especially with Roe Jogan as a stoner protagonist!