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‘I Got Fired’
A Mask Land Tale of Economic Ostracism
My oldest friend, Rick, was asking me how life was and if I needed a lift out of Virginia or Maryland he could come and pick me up. I answered, “You were back to work in the casino I figured you would be swamped.”
Well, Jim, I got fired. I had been back to work for a while, things going okay, always wearing my mask at work. Then, one day, I’m walking up the stairs to the lockers from the parking spot and this little b#$%^ lady stopped me and said, “Excuse me, you can’t come in here without a mask.”
I stopped and said, “Oh, I have my mask in my locker. I always put my mask on before I go to work.”
She then tells me that I have to have my mask on from the car to the locker so I said, “Well miss, thank you for telling me. I will get my mask on right now. My name is Richard. What’s your name?”
I mean, I didn’t even know this person worked here.
Well, she told me her name and I thanked her again and by the time I got to my locker I was fired, she called on me and said I gave her a hard time about wearing a mask. So they change the rules on you to nail you on a technicality. I’m sure if I would have been b#$%^—did I tell you she was b#$%^—then I would have gotten a pass. But you know I’m the wrong look these days with my shitty skin and freckles. Freckles look even worse when you’re almost sixty.
I was just talking to a couple of people who had been moved to resign from jobs because of constant harassment by female coworkers. This is very common. Women are aggressive in domestic space. The more workplaces are domesticated, the more aggressive women become in that setting. To the deluded mind that believes in justice and that most people are rational, this “does not make any sense,” that employees with perfect work records would be subjected to trouble makers and climbers. However, in a low-growth or no-growth or negative-growth economic niche, the high-friction employee [who are often men as well as women, though in lesser proportions] serves an important function. For as employees become disgruntled and quit, or get fired by “being set up” or “lied about” then new employees can be hired at the lowest starting rate, or, in negative-growth settings, simply not replaced.
In our phony economy most businesses start out failing and never recover and successful businesses of one generation inevitably begin dying in the next generation. Hence the utility of the gate keeper…and what better gate keeper to punish the inheritors of the only social privilege ever enjoyed in human history, than a member of the only ethnicity every to be wronged in or out of bondage?
That statement above is not a joke. It is what this idiot nation believes and is its very foundation which cannot be argued against with any litany of facts or mountain of truths. A conquered race must submit itself to the fantasy ethos by which its conquerors rule or mass internment and extermination will ensue.
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