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Going Grey
Some Notes on Avoiding Our Assigned Fate
Since you ivory powers, each oppressing millions of innocent victims of your privilege without even knowing it, like a giant squashing insects with his uncaring tread, cannot erase the taint of your race, below are some tips on outliving most of your pallid co-superiors.
The hope is, to be that rare pale ape that gets the coveted spot in the future zoo. For instance, many ebony queens will lust to be serviced by the last yeti man on earth.
You laugh, do you?
So you have not heard of the White Man Café’s in Japan, where pale men in tuxedos—invented in the Arctic in the 1800s and appropriated from the Inuit by that bastard Perry—serve Japanese women, who they must address as “Princess,” then you do not know what is in store for the last ghost men…
Well, if you take these warnings seriously I suggest:
-1. If you do not already own a gun, and you buy one now, you will go on a federal watch list and this purchase will be used to file charges of intent to do malicious harm, making any self-defense with that weapon or another like it, a capital crime. Find a way to buy an illegal gun as efforts are going to refocus on legal weapons very soon—in fact in many states they already have.
-2. Get off of social media now, as completely as possible.
-3. Do not buy any prepper supplies via electronic purchase or you will be put on a hoarder list and targeted for redistribution by a government agency.
-4. If you buy hipster style, electronically, having food delivered or by any means, continue doing this and then pay cash for emergency food supplies. Do not switch from credit to cash or you will be targeted for hoarder investigation.
-5. Do not get a DNA test, ever.
-6. Do not trust any pastor who has gone from doing real sermons to online sermons. He will work as a government informant at some point if he wishes to maintain his status and not be listed as a political activist.
-7. Communicate with people you trust like an NFL coach talking to his quarterback or a mobster with his lawyer. We live in a spy state dedicated to mind control.
-8. If you start a business, do not ever hire an employee. If you do this will bind you in many ways to the System you are trying to escape by doing your own thing.
-9. Do not use text or emails to organize family get -togethers, for these will be increasingly in violation of some law or other.
-10. Never use eateries with non-combatants. Only go to bars or eat out with men who can handle themselves. The exception would be a closed-view back-door entry private establishment where you are on a first-name basis with the owners.
-11. All chain retailers and service providers will be engaged by government to inform on and police you. Try to deal only with independents.
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SidVicOctober 19, 2020 9:17 AM UTC

I haven't been to gun show in a while so this may be dated. Guys will walk around with guns they want to sell privately. Private transactions still legal. Pay cash. A gun show can be a little intimidating but probably the safest place on earth to transact business.
responds:October 20, 2020 2:59 PM UTC

Once upon a time, in 1980, I bought a gun through a straw buyer. I gave it away after I had to move on the bus, and you know, concealing a large breachloading shotgun on a city bus is dicey...
squantoSeptember 30, 2020 10:56 AM UTC

Oh I agree James. I was wrong, it’s not just a question of registration, it’s a bit more convoluted. It’s a combination of registration/handgun permit requirements, and background check requirements for private sales, which all vary from state to state and municipalities. But if you are in a state that doesn’t require background checks on private sale, which is most, that is most of it.
responds:September 30, 2020 11:52 PM UTC

Thank man. we're not wrong, we're exploring the wrong.
Squanto McGillicuddySeptember 29, 2020 2:54 PM UTC

Unless you live in a state which demands firearm registration, in which case- shame on you/good luck with that, always purchase via private sale, which isn’t illegal at all, yet. But I get it, sometimes you have to be willing to be civilly disobedient, no matter the law.
responds:September 30, 2020 1:10 AM UTC

Thank you, Squanto!

But, when you buy an unregistered gun at a gun store, do they take your name?

Do you pay with plastic?

If so, they have you.

I suppose the private man-to-man sale [legal of course] is the way to go, not the merchant, who is forever beholding to the system in ever expanding ways.