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Queervid Jiveteen
Dispatches from America: Texts from 9/28/20
“The situation with [the Dread Minus] is that HP Lovecraft’s [posthumous] writing group was assigned the prompt to write horror stories concerning the common cold.”
-Lynn Lockhart

“Took a hike with our mutual friend on Friday. His perspectives are fascinating and dire.”
“Looks like they are already gearing up for winter/fall shortages.”
[News link attached about grocers stockpiling “pandemic pallets.”]
“the five-year-olds are hip to the jive turkey that is Queervid-19. One of Cutie’s and (my) favorite nephews got caught playing “the coughing game” at the park the other day…The rules are like playing tag… Except whoever is ‘it’ chases their friend around and tries to cough on them. This warms my heart.”
-Nero the Pict

I recommend watching the youtube channel Adapt 2030, which gives real weather news, pointing out record snows, record rain, lowering temperatures and crop failures around the world which are obscured by the global warming media hysteria. Some bits of information:
-Europe’s soft wheat exports down by a third.
-World grain reserves down 10% from last year.
-Snow and floods in North Africa.
-Higher than normal precipitation on northern coasts in Europe and America with droughts in interior grain belts. The droughts are no harder on grain production than heavy rains, such as the rains that ruined Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana corn crops last year.
-Look for the channel’s archived interviews with Casey of the Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Society.
-We are going into a Grand Solar Minimum and only the Russian scientists seem to be taking it seriously. Only 1% of Americans grow their own food.

“Bantu raiding parties are now increasing in the yuppie Biden loving Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn. Avoided two and was online with one at the CVS.”
-Mescaline Franklyn

“All of the money people are moving out. My neighborhood [in Brooklyn] no longer has any white people left in it and the crime increases every day.”

“Oh, wait, I just thought of something [after our editorial call]! Your posts that involve attractive women get the most hits. Do you have any of those coming up?”
-My Niece

[Yes, my dear, frail companionship is always a store of value in good time or bad…]

“There is a 911 outage right now across many states. We live in amazing times. Not a good time for any kind of medical emergency or fire.”
[Say what, Mamma?]
“My twatter feed is showing multiple major cities across multiple states reporting that 911 calls are not going through. It might be related to an internet outage at Microsoft. A useful test run for any periods of unrest that might lie in our future.”
-Lynn Lockhart

This old hoodrat is willing to consider the possibility that the Dread Minus Shamdemic and such things are tests of the System, as any real climate scientist knows that a solar minimum of this magnitude effects the crop yield, respiratory health and the earth’s magnetic field, all clearly documented in the historical record of The Little Ice Age which ran from 1314 thru 1816. Today I saw a serious news report which stated that the Little Ice Age was caused by conquistadors slaughtering Native Americans and removing their carbon food prints in the mid-1500s, when the Little Ice Age began hundreds of years earlier. The media will continue to twist reality into the food that sustains modern delusions.
Enjoy the ride.
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