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'And their Dogs'
Marynonymous Cues the Cracked Pottery on Apocalyptic Tragectory
Marynonymous commented on Queervid Jiveteen Sep-30-2020 11:21 PM UTC
I couldn't be angrier at Governor Noem for inviting everyone and their dog to move to South Dakota. We live in the Black Hills and I drive the Interstate every day. Normally, our tourist season ends after Labor day, but this year, the out of state plates are everywhere. People constantly comment on the governor's Fascistbook page that they've just moved here because of her. I'm so angry about this invasion, I can barely stand it. No state is able to maintain it's Conservatism, once these political refugees start moving in. Our property values have already jumped to crazy numbers and I'm scared to death who is going to move in next door to us when our neighbors put their place on the market any day now. I fear our taxes will go up even crazier than they already are and we won't be able to afford our property any more. Because of the air force base, we already have a high turnover in our neighborhood and our taxes went up $400 just this year alone.

James responded on Sep-30-2020 at 11:58 PM:
I will answer all three of your comments in an article before I turn in tonight.
I am taking your comments with your name on them down for your protection.

Utah is also being invaded. These are colonizations, the most insidious kind of invasion. The best hope is that your extreme weather will drive away the folks who have fled the urban and suburban blights they have helped create. Today in Utah TV a local farm-raised governor was debating the case for mandatory mask laws, and was prevented by the terms of debate to question the very dubious maskland science, much as a royal claimant of old who renounced God would have had no chance of ruling. His opponent was a legalist elite representing the invading force from the coasts.
Good news is the invaders will mostly be poor at survival and not adaptable.
The bad news is they have been brought in to replace you, so it will be they that the government and eventually military will support.

Marynonymous commented on The Sun Has Slept for 32 days Sep-30-2020 11:11 PM UTC
Farmers that were flooded out last year because of the Missouri River flooding are going bankrupt and this year's crops in California are in trouble because of the fires. I think it was the corn crop in Iowa that was devastated by some kind of wind storm. I've been hearing numerous reports about food shortages coming across the globe. Australia's drought has created a rice shortage. I think this will be used to make hungry people compliant.

Maize is not a hardy crop and is damaged easily, as it wheat, these two grains comprising most of our human and animal feed.
You need to find out what you can grow in your climate, assuming increased cold and other variables well documented in the historical record.

Marynonymous commented on Going Grey Sep-30-2020 11:01 PM UTC
Because of my defense of Morton County Sheriff's office during the Standing Rock rioting (which I believe was training for what's happening now) and my outspoken determination to speak the truth of what the tribal members were up to, I have no doubt I'm already on a list for extermination as soon as SHTF. Because of my experience arguing with the 3 per cent ers and other militia types thinking they should come protect the Standing Rock rioters, I would also recommend not joining up with any of those groups, either. They don't have the Common Sense or intelligence to figure out who the good or bad guys are in any situation. I don't trust them as far as I could throw them. Nothing but loud mouthed bullies in my experience.
I got an ancestry dot com DNA test because I was curious if my Indian blood would show up or not. I definitely regret doing that. I suppose there'll be a cloned version of me that will suddenly vote Demoncrat and Heaven only knows what else. I'm expecting them to make the chips and or vaccines mandatory and make it impossible to function without them, so I expect that we'll most likely have to leave our home at some point because we can't pay the mortgage. I've read your book about collapse of Civilization and it was helpful to me. I'll be ordering the next one you recommended soon (Indian country, I believe).
When do you suppose they'll enact this stuff? Before or after election? I expect them to rerelease the virus any day now and this time it will be for real and I'm expecting an economic collapse to starve out the rest.

A reading of Plains Indian history will point to the greatest danger of being killed for being a conscientious tribe member is from the members of one's own tribe, who have been bought off by the System. Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Geronimo down south, all found this out the hard way. Remember that the "dogs" of the System are likely to be your tribe members.
The virus is never going away. It will be endlessly reinvented. Maskland is here to stay. I expect to be killed someday for not wearing a mask out of doors in the open air.
I expect that vaccination, which we know will be a harmful sham, will be tied to:
-School attendance
-Church attendance
-Voting and office holding
-Medical treatment
-Loans and credit lines
These measures will probably exclude the need for mandatory roundups of unvaccinated people.
I wrote about this in a science fiction story 8 years ago about a man named Dwayne Gridless, the last unchipped human.
90% of people will flock to vaccination centers.
The skeptics [oops, heretics] will be doxed by the government on social media, barred from the corporate workplace and government employment and otherwise marginalized.
Like me.
I have none of those above-listed penalties as privileges—I have no medical care, no job.
It will come down to a choice of being human or becoming a social insect.
Most of the social insects will suffer terribly under the coming conditions.
Why not remain human?
Humanity will be reduced from almost 8 billion down to 3-to-5 billion within the next 100 years.
Why not live as a human than suffer as one of the last of the human locust plague to rape the earth before she strikes back?
One of the reasons why the police are going to be "defunded" is so that their pensions do not have to be paid.
Another reason why the police are largely being defanged is so that media-fanned lynch mobs will be able to murder us for not being vaccinated and therefore incorporated into the hive matrix.
All the cops need do is post a mask or vaccine violation notice on your front door and your neighbors will burn your house down with you in it.
You will not be able to deliver a child in a hospital without a phony vaccine, so find a renegade midwife.
Natural medicine practitioners will be persecuted as midwives and herbalists were in the 1600s, burned at the stake, then, today declared enemies of the state and fair game for the mob.
I suggest you stop all public opinion speaking, advocacy, social media posting, and use a fake name on this and other sites.
Get rid of your falsebook profile and account.
Lists need to be kept current and are prioritized.
Let you name slide down the lists you are on.
Avoid getting on another list.
Don't be The Man in the High Castle.
Be the person too obscure to even hassle.
A Hobbesian world dawns.
The hand of almost every man and every woman is against you.
And Hobbes' Savior Leviathan that is supposed in some utopian fashion to keep us from each-other's throats instead sets us to our bloody work.
End Game is here, Madam.
But, if we are smart and don't stampede like the human cattle that is about to be cast into dire need, we might—if we are young—be able to find a place away from the Beast and its Mob.
Below is a video where I was asked to discuss various types of invasions. The current situation in these western states fits the "Passive" model.
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