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Dissident Profiling and the Return of Wytchfinding
A few days a friend of mine in a bitch-torn petticoat porn city related the following event.
Big man was out of doors walking, minding his own business.
A Bitch Quean accompanied by three orbital soy fiends chastised him for not wearing a mask and then set her paramours upon him.
Rather than address her as social convention dictates he addressed the three ghostly enforcers: “Yow wanna die first?” You wanna die first? How ‘bout you—you wanna die first?”
Her troops’ morale broken the shrill cunt of a lordlette of Apex Modernity was foiled, for now.
I did a test and told a woman about this and her knee jerk reaction was, “Why didn’t he have a mask on?”
Okay, this little sampling, from a woman who does not herself wear a mask outside in private in the fresh air under the UV rays that kill all virus on contact, is all of the barometer you need to see where the morale gravity of society is, which is the same place it has always been, that the attacked, if he has broken any social norm prior to his attack [lie walking in a bad area, working at night, dressing down, dressing up, carrying valuables] it is 100% his fault that he got attacked. I have been known to judge the target of an attack as having facilitated it. It is a natural survival judgment. Essentially, if you are behaving like a deaf sheep you deserve the wolves’ fangs on your neck.
But I am talking about none-preparedness related behavior, like refusing to pay attention, to fight back, etc. This typical female, church lady chastisement of the unsuccessful actor, is embedded deep in our blood to encourage success and deride failure. However, with civilization, and particularly its modern iteration, this chastisement has been switched to social convention.
In my life I have been blamed for my own attacks for being a loser, not driving car, working at night, living in ebony areas. In the Stone Age people would have chastised me for poor tracking, forgetting my spear, not lighting a torch, etc., and rightly so. But in Modernity I was chastised for not getting reassigned to a safer feedlot where the shepherd and his dogs would defend me from all harm.
In the future, when mobs of wytchfinders and their shrill generals accost ivories, the inquisition will begin:
-Do you suck dicks?
-Do you blow transgenders?
-Do you have sex with ebony kangs?
-Do you denounce your race?
-Do you accept guilt for the crimes of some other person’s ancestors?
If you answer “no” or fail to answer “yes” to any of the above you will be killed and your neighbors will say, “Well, he should have sucked ebony dick.”
In the future, you will be asked:
-Do you hate yourself?
-Are you Aryan?
-Are you Christian?
-Did you vote for Trump?
-Do you believe in climate change?
-Do black lives matter?
-Will you have sex with me?
-Will you put on this dress and suck my dick?
-Do you admit to holding unjust privilege?
If you say “no” or fail to answer “yes” you will be punished by mob justice. Civilization is nothing but mob mechanics and managed hysteria. How else do yet get millions to die in industrial war while offering the prize of 20 years in a house built to last 40 years with nothing to leave your children as criminals are moved in by your masters to drive you from your war-gotten roost?
People who do not know about urban reality may think I am being unduly crude. However, in Bantu raiding parties in eastern cities, the chant “suck my dick” is almost universal. They try and force men and women and boys to perform oral sex under duress whenever possible. It is the most common thing they say. To spend any significant time among ebon men and not here “Suck my dick, nigga,” is not probable, though it is possible as I have experienced it sometimes, though a shift working with Bantu men where that sacred refrain is not uttered is odd indeed. Understand that most Bantu men in Murica have had oral sex with other men or boys, often through coercion. Now that they have ultimate moral authority everybody else is a potential blowjob.
I the future, Cuckwhites will be told to blow the kang or die, and my prediction is most of them will choose a middle ground, like crying as they hide behind their ghostly bitch quean.
As always, the person who upholds moral standards in society is the woman. For women control children, which is their instinct, and Modern Society always treat its subjects as children, telling us what to wear on our body for instance, telling us what we can eat and drink, what medicine we can take, just like mom with a toddler.
And if an NFL running back asks you if you will have sex with him after he switches genders, and you decline, and he whoops your “sexist” ass, expect some woman to chastise you for not agreeing to the post-surgical nuptials.
Such terms as sexist and racist were introduced into language t the cusp of modernity as the Industrial Age merged with the information age, as a means of using hysteria and the mob to keep order and punish Thought.
Ultimately Thought is the enemy of Modernity.
On the practical side, Buffalo Bob said to me, after I related my friend’s encounter, “How much sense does that make, that they are attacking him and are willing to exchange air with him at close range because he doesn’t have a mask on?”
That is where the masculine mind, housed within less than 30% of muricin men, goes, to the issue of social control. While the woman’s instinct is to enforce social control, the man’s instinct is to identify it and either negate, avoid or destroy it or wield it as a tool. The mask has nothing to do with disease and everything to do with engineering mass consent with hysteria and mob mechanics and law enforcement. Hence, in the end, the Goddess is never more than a tool for the predatory man, and this is why every one of Her filthy civilizations have fallen to the fateful tide of barbarism, as will this septic sewer of a society.
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Denise HeupelOctober 14, 2020 1:42 AM UTC

The Conservative women in my friend circle and in my Conservative state of South Dakota are rebels then, because we have been speaking out against masks and arerare to wear them. I think there's a marked difference between city people and small town- rural folks, though, too, because I see more mask wearers in Rapid City than I do in the surrounding areas. I think more Old School Christians are also more immune to the hysteria, as we went to a threshing bee in my family's old homestead area a few weeks ago and I didn't see one mask all weekend. I think that's part of the reason the Commies are so determined to wipe out Christianity, we are harder to control.

Cheyenne River and Standing Rock reservations are using roadblocks to punish white people and to force them to drive hundreds of miles out of the way, but it has nothing to do with Covid and everything to do with the Keystone pipeline and other issues.
ShepOctober 9, 2020 2:47 PM UTC

1. Excellent comeback!

2. In the gravest extreme, bite to amputate.

3. Label on a box 'o masks..."Safe Warrior" brand (I kid you not):

"To minimize contact with bacteria" NOT viruses, which are much smaller, right?

"This mask does not remove the risk of contracting any disease."
responds:October 16, 2020 5:05 PM UTC

Thank you.