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‘Got Stomped’
A Mask Land Tale of Law Enforcement Fuck You
A few weeks ago I saw Crystal at her father’s celebration of life, where we gathered in Michael’s house on his birthday, against Mask Land laws, and toasted his picture with his favorite shot of rum. Crystal is his oldest of four daughters. She gave me a big hug and thanked me for showing up. She was not with John, her long time abusive, paleface, violent felon boyfriend. He had always kept her close and from leaving by threatening to kill her, always swearing that if she left he would kill her and then himself.
How has and does this guy thrive and survive?
The police, that is how.
I met him and he was terrified of me.
I could have turned this guy into a gut pile with a paring knife inside of five seconds as he gurgled and cried. I remember Megan, Crystal’s aunt saying, “I wish you could just do the right thing—I know you’d kill him, but I wouldn’t want to see you locked up.”
So did I and every man in her family make the decision not to go to prison for the crime of relieving her decade-long terror.
So the lowest creature in the world, the sissy wife-beater, who can’t look an older, smaller man in the eye when they shake hands for fear of being found lacking, thrives, because the man who is his superior has his hand stayed by the police, the cops, the fucking PIGS.
Last week it was too much.
Crystal thought she would tell him they were done in a public place, surrounded by people at a park, while they were sitting in lawn chairs.
He rose, kicked her chair out from under her, and stomped in the left side of her rib cage, crushing her lung and rupturing her spleen.
He then threw her in the car, drove her to the hospital, dropped her on the curb and said, “Bitch, I won’t do time again. I’ll kill you and do myself.”
This action, right here, is an expression of the lack of family, lack of community, lack of masculinity caused by the Police State.
I would gladly cut is throat and bring her his head.
But I cannot without ending my life at the hands of the police.
If she was my sister, I would do it anyhow, and then stab a cop for enabling this.
The lie of civility, the monopoly of revenge in the hands of the police state, enabled this.
And, the rest of the measures against men that have come on the apron strings of wife-beating, the beatings enabled by the police state, have been used to buttress the police state, with red flag laws and other excuses to kill innocent men in their beds at 4:41 A.M.
Now, as municipal policing of the Industrial Age fails in the Information Age, and police become pure criminals like Third World cops and refuse even an attempt at protecting no-combatants and devote their time to collecting pensions and punishing successful defenders under Anarcho-Tyranny, we get a glimpse of a law enforcement reboot.
The doctor saw these car-accident level stomping injuries and called the police. The police took a report and served a court date, and did not take John into custody. John has made it clear to numerous people that he will kill her if she leaves and then kill himself and the police are going to let him do just that, to spite the liberal population that has turned against them.
The hospital is taking it upon itself to provide evasion and protection for Crystal. They are underfunded and undermanned in this way. If Crystal or someone like her is killed in this increasingly insane world, while in medical custody, it will serve as a catalyst for anti-man laws just as the Burning Bed movie did in the 1980s. These laws will empower medical staff with law enforcement powers. Medical organizations are already deeply involved with gun control and social control and will be expanding their prevue under such pressures even as their nonscientific “lockdown” measures increases domestic violence and violent insanity in general.
This is one way that Civilization erodes the Moral superiority of Barbarism and turns human beings into meat-puppets, by creating the ridiculous, emasculated creature known as a wife-beater, a bitch with a dick who should have been beaten to death by a father, brother or uncle, but instead becomes the excuse for the goon squads of law officers who create the conditions necessary for his sissy existence.
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WellRead EdOctober 9, 2020 7:11 PM UTC

Save your energy, bro. I guarantee you, as soon as she is ambulatory, she will crawl right back into his bed. Unless and until SHE decides enough is enough, she will continue to tolerate the abuse. You intervening may well find her calling the police on YOU.

It's a phenomenon I have never understood; they get their ass beat time and again, and end up right back with their abuser. I witnessed the progression of violence with one woman that used to come in to our ER about once a month. The first time was a black eye, the last time (about a year later) she had been beaten to death with a hammer. No amount of warning or cajoling could convince her to leave him. In the end, she paid with her life. After a few dozen similar cases, the Empathy Lobe of my brain burned out for them.

Seriously, kick back, have a brew, and watch a sunset, or something.
responds:October 16, 2020 4:59 PM UTC

I got over it as soon as I wrote it—which is really why I write.

I actually kicked back and had some brews under a few Pacific sunsets recently.

No wonder these people are so weak—the weather does not even challenge them.

Oh, yeah, Crystal got out of the hospital and found some guy to protect her—which I suppose is as old as the story of man. That will only work though, while her looks hold.