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‘What Do You Think is Going to Happen?’
#1 of 6: Science-Fiction Predictions for Near Future America
“Look, man, you predicted almost everything that’s happened since 2016, including the worship of my hereditary enemies becoming a national gospel. I was recently near a TV in a workplace lunchroom and just could not believe how far gone the commercials were, how delusional the news was whether it’s Left, Right or Center. Do you have any science-fiction predictions for what is coming? What do you think is going to happen: over the next five years and the next five after that? I’m hoping for an article here.”
-Mister Grey

Mister Grey, I’m not so good at short term predictions outside of police and criminal behavior in urban settings. Though many things I suggested as system goals and outcomes have come to pass, they have generally come 10 times more quickly than I supposed. I think this is due to the acceleration of system survival reactions to its unsuccessful ingestion of the Orange Usurper over the past four years. That event seemed to trigger re-emergent Plantation America power tensions.
Power in such a vast system is necessarily carried across high-tension lines. When a poor conduit of power is placed at a nexus—let’s say a leadership position of a nation that has an exterior mission orientation being assumed by a leader with an interior orientation—then sparks will fly and the system must shift into higher gear to overcome the friction. A repair crew might even have to be sent in to rewire the transformer and replace blown circuits…
Of course, this is a science-fiction exercise, a synopsis of a timeline that might be constructed for a near future story such as American Dreamboat or Ghost Snatcher.
I have thought generally in terms of generational cycles of 20 years in crafting future dystopias for my fiction.
In thinking of Postmodern American event cycles, I think that the unit of measure should be 4 years. Just as the ancient Olympic cycle of 8 years in archaic Hellas gave way to the cycle of 4 years as social mechanics accelerated, I think we are in a period of 4 year cycles, in that the sacred infrastructure of the civic religion, officiated by the media priesthood is measured in presidential terms. This is not to overstate the importance of the presidency, as this office is in the main ceremonial. The State acts through the chief executive in the name of the God of the Greater Good, in rituals heralded and codified by the media priesthood, but actually officiated and conducted by the Social Steerage Cults. This action, in order to mesmerize the teeming massive of consumptive mind chattel, is conducted in a 4-year cycle that, despite high rates of incumbency often lending itself to an apparent 8-year cycle, have distinctive patterns of action, with the first term typically heroized [recently demonized] and the second typically ritualized.
Hence, the friction centered on the ritual face of the Social Steerage Cults, in which the actor refused to limit its stage behavior to the script, must be eliminated. Once this is achieved, by means virtual or mortal, I no longer expect to see friction associated with the executive branch. One can imagine that an entire internal system has been developed to make certain that the usurpation of 2016 never again occurs.
Time for some urgent agenda was lost over the past 4 years, as if a hill that was supposed to be taken by an elite infantry unit somehow held out against all odds and caused the military planners to wade through the dreaded “friction of war,” that develops when strength of opposition is not accurately predicted.
The brief and tumultuous reign of Orange Usurper, in light of the looming global order, can be likened to a Polish cavalry trooper jamming the treads of a German tank with his body and mount as it is the first to thread its way through an AFV chokepoint. [1] Do keep in mind, that for the global agenda, the focus of resistance being placed on that point of friction, though it slows and even halts a thrust of the advancing forces, also serves to focus the defender’s attention and efforts on holding that chokepoint while they are surrounded. The means that the more heroically the unexpected point of resistance is contested and reinforced by the defender, the more total the eventual victory of the colonizing force.
I will, over the course of writing my next science fiction novelettes, which focus on various near and distant North American Futures, write a series of cycle predictions based on actual factual and not virtual starting points. In the main, near and far future predictions tend to fail based on an inaccurate perception of current social gravity and a falsified perception of past events.
This will be taken in 4 year increments, this look into the future, which will certainly be inaccurate in chronological terms, but I suspect will be better than 50% correct in predicting future conditions in North America. This will be used as the basis for my near future science-fiction. I would point out, that although this work will be fiction, being manifestly not fact, that it will be based on fact and will enjoy one predictive advantage over what is reported as unfolding reality: that I am being honest about how I think events might unfold from the current starting point, while other sources will warp their presentation with ideological bias concerning the present, false perceptions of the lie-shrouded past and the willful use of the manipulative levers of psychological control aimed at achieving, not predicting, future outcomes. This is thus a passive exercise, as the willful mind tends to miscalculate the outcome of its efforts.
The next installment in this series will establish the current reality as a basis for extrapolation into the realms of fictional outcomes.
Below are some video links concerning past events, that, I think, will serve as two of the models by which Social Steerage Cults will use paramilitary force to maintain control. Numerous other models, when found, will be linked at the bottom of succeeding installments.

Good morning James and Oliver,
Here is the link to the documentary about Gordon Kahl "Death and Taxes". Watch it before it gets zapped from the internet.
In same vein and certainly an incident with more notoriety....Waco. Id rate this doc pretty high too.
This has been posted and taken down from Youtube so many times. "Waco: Rules of Engagement"
-Nero the Pict

-1. AFV = armored fighting vehicle
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Eald WealdDecember 2, 2020 3:52 PM UTC

Trump's win in 2016 was a special event owing to the US Establishment's complete loss of trust in HRC. Even though her views were much more in line with their thinking, literally no one liked her by that time and had she not had dirt on the entire Establishment there may even have been a worse outcome for her. Trump was allowed because they were able to use their combined weight to 1. nullify his most troublesome policies and 2. get him to act for the most part in a capacity of controlled opposition. But he was never thought of as a viable option longer term. Though he's definitely hooked up with the US Establishment himself, his views are a bit too independent to be safe. A bit too much of the Scotch-Irish gangster in him to be controlled.
responds:December 2, 2020 6:45 PM UTC

This is the best analysis of Orange Man I have read.

Bryce SharperNovember 25, 2020 11:35 AM UTC

I think the country will be increasingly fractured by the end of the next four years. The Republic is obviously dead and the empire phase begins in earnest. However, they'll have to find a way of administering the empire without young men. 80% of American young men can't meet the moral, mental, and physical requirements for military service. The other 20% have better options. Now that the Deplorables finally realize the country isn't theirs, they won't be enlisting.

The administration of the empire will likely follow some form of social credit system that will control access to your bank account should you wrongthink. Deplorables will revert to Latin American-style banking: money in your mattress and hacksilver/gold. The Wokesters will increasingly go insane trying to keep up with the new social credit standards and totalitarianism they asked for (the Great Reset).

The empire will, therefore, be only a veneer. Reduced ability to travel and reduced desire to do so will lead to regional identities and more rural/urban divide. The urbanites who move to the countryside will find that they have no skill in dealing with livestock, fires, and crime, but they can't move back because they can't deal with the crime and social control. Some will retreat to large urban arcologies such as they have in Mexico where you spend the entire day in a secure building. More will take to van life or leave the country. Over time, more cities will become like Detroit. The food supply will become tenuous.

The elite will pull up the drawbridges behind them. They will disappear over time like most noble houses which usually last only 3 generations. Most of their children will end up like Hunter Biden. Others will replace them.
responds:November 25, 2020 2:49 PM UTC

This is a very astute application of past history to the near future. Thanks.