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‘Are The Counter-Currents People Cowards?’
A Man Question from George About Secretive White Dissidents

“The Counter-Current guys are supposed to be coming here to Baltimore to have a meeting but are keeping it secret because of that thing that happened in Illinois Militant Devolution. I’m not exactly a White Nationalist. But I support them and believe they have a right to meet and not be attacked by a bunch of leftists. You probably think their cowards.”

Okay George, if the Counter-Currents publishers came to Baltimore I’d be thrilled to meet them, even though I fornicate with the occasional Jewess. They are publishers of unpopular views and I am a writer of unpopular views, after all.


I have charged various White Nationalists with cowardice for various reasons. I am a Counter-Currents reader and I find absolutely no cause for charging that publisher or its authors with cowardice. The only acts of cowardice that, in my unpopular opinion, a publisher can be guilty of, is voluntary self-censorship in the matter of opinion [not taste]. Writers are only judged cowards by this heathen when they use a pen name.

As for your opinion that they have a ‘right’ to safely meet, I disagree. I do not believe in rights. A right is a privilege that is enforced by a violent third party action. Rights are by definition cowardice as social artifice.

Additionally, people who wish to gather to discuss ideas, and choose to do so in privacy, are showing good tactical sense, and as Jack Donovan amply articulated in The Way of Men ‘The Primitive Math Of Violence’, being a man really comes down to thinking and acting tactically, not puffing your chest out and hooting like some bald chimp. So long as they provide for their privacy through their own means—negotiated, won or purchased—and thus achieve this state through might of the body or mind, than they have no need of a 'right.'

As to the dilemma of the Counter-Currents publishers and writers, and other such proto-political groups in the seeking of secure discussion venues, I do have opinions based on my limited experience providing security for others, which I shall put forward in the article, Tactically Speaking: Securing Your Dissident Venue.

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