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‘Life Under Tannika Crow?’
A Pack of Black Women Terrorize White Residents

I recently wrote a piece making the case that, since the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, that cops will treat blacks who attack whites as policemen once treated rich white men who whipped the occasional Negro. Living Under Tyrone Crow?

The federal government wants myriad local race wars like LBJ wanted the Tonkin resolution, so that it will be justified in taking armed action. I was not expecting this from our City of Sisterly Love up # I-95.

Below is the email and link sent to me by Forever Autumn Press publisher Mescaline Franklin.

This is where my boy lives

The unmistakable Philly accent. I walk down these streets all the time.

It’s a weird area. One block will be all Italians, then Cambodian, then Mexican, then black. A crackhouse around the corner from a nice, cozy candle lit Italian restaurant.

Reminds me of South Baltimore from what I remember, with little seedy bars on every corner.

Tannika Crow

According to neighbors a group of four black women have been attacking men, women and children, on the street and in their home, spitting, cussing and striking viciously and using racial slurs, and the cops have declined to even fill out reports.

Is there any doubt that if four white men [who were not cops] broke into black homes and attacked women and children while spewing hate speech, that they would be pursued on civil rights charges by the DEA?

If you have not gotten to know any ghetto black women you may not understand how vicious they are. Ask any urban black dude and he will reel off tale after tale of ghetto bitch atrocities against ghetto dudes. The fact that these bitches are packing up is frightening. Two years ago in Baltimore a group of ghetto girls were luring black dudes into Baltimore City Parks and whacking them—among other nastiness.

Below are some ghetto bitch links for your anthropological study.

The Hos Of Jupiter


In Harm's Sway

These attacks on peaceful residents are targets of opportunity in our nation’s growing race purge, in which blacks are going to terrorize whites, knowing that police will fear to take action against blacks and thereby evoke reprisals, just as, 100 years ago, law enforcement looked the other way when whites terrorized blacks. Back then law enforcement also lent a hand in persecuting blacks, first be denying them the privilege to bear arms, and secondly by aiding in the attacks, often by providing security against black counter attacks.

In East Coast cities we already have a ban on bearing arms, and the promise of police arrest for any white who successfully defends themselves. How long before police provide security for black mobs while they attack whites?

Jim Crow’s shoe has not been entirely slipped onto the other foot, but we are getting close. Example, I sometimes train with a leader of the Baltimore County Chapter of the Guardian Angels. He informed me that the Baltimore County Police Department has denied them permission to patrol as unarmed citizens committed to protecting fellow citizens and reporting crimes. Indeed, when the Angels came to Baltimore City in the early 1980s one was promptly shot to death by a cop!

I am stopping short of predicting a Pig-Hoodrat alliance. However, I am confident that the Pigs will increasingly opt to punish white attempts at defense over black aggressions, for the simple fact that hoodrats are now a federally protected species of criminal and I am not.

The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.

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