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Boneracks, Bigboys & Musclemen
Punishment, Torment and Attrition in Stick Fighting

When stick-fighting formulate your strategy based on your opponent’s physical make up as much as on his skill set. For one thing, you might not know his skill set. But you can certainly see him from across the ring. These same parameters apply to a survivalist defending himself with a light blunt extension weapon against men of these body types.

Head Shots

Smacking the head works against boneracks and bigboys but only against about half of musclemen. In a survival situation without head gear you have to be concerned on one hand with this asshole dying on you and you becoming the next poster child for the beleaguered American Right, and on the other hand, some meathead breaking your stick with that watermelon on his neck.

Against a single attacker do not go for the head unless he is armed or super dangerous. Break his hands. Punish him for trying to touch you. If you are being swarmed then you want to target the jaws and ears of your attackers. In such a case never bring down a vertical stick on the top of the head, which could ruin your weapon. In serious overrun survival situations target the jaw and delicate side of the head and drive that stick right through that glassy matter until the gooey insides erupt.


Skinny dudes need to be broken—are begging for it. The best place to hit a bonerack is on his shoulders, coming down with a vertical power shot. In a street altercation smack the knee but do not expect it to stop him. Making him slow and tentative is good enough. If the bonerack is tall whack those ribs.

You punish the bonerack, by causing injury to his delicate exposed bones.

If he has a good reach smack that elbow. The best elbow stroke is the rising diagonal forehand, which goes to a high over head chamber that is perfect for launching a downward smash into his shoulder joint.

Against a bonerack all strikes are effective, but the smash more so.


Fat people experience more pain as fat deposits propagate nerve endings. Also, fat people are less determined as a rule and bring a weaker psychological makeup then that pesky bonerack. Punish the bigboy!

Smack those thighs and hear him suck in ragged breath. Then, as he doubts his resolve, smack that tricep, beat that belly drum—make this fat fuck quit!

You torment the bigboy by using pain to remind him that he is weak.

His great weight will put much pressure on his legs making them prime pre-compressed targets.

The bigboy may decide to engulf you like some shambling monstrosity out of Xuthal of the Dusk. If so, stab his big ass with that blunt object as he steps into it. It will go in. That stab just cracks a bonerack rib or scrapes a pretty muscle boy fiber. But that stick sinks into the guts of the fat boy and stops him cold!

Against a big boy jabs are wasted, smashes are good, stabs are great and slashes are the stuff of his unmanning nightmares!


Mister buff deserves no mercy. As you torture this guy remind yourself constantly that your woman would like to fuck him! Beat his pretty ass bro!

The weakness of the muscleman is that his muscles burn his fight fuel. Those muscles also bleed. Look, this guy is hiding under those muscles, so peel them away! Make those pretty rounded globes of flesh bleed! Make his body afraid to come near you.

You wear down the muscleman by using his muscles to cause fatigue which plays uniquely upon his exteriorly braced mind.

Slashing the arms and inner thigh will produce a lot of bleeding.

Do not waste your time jabbing this jamoke. The stick already wants to bounce off his pliant muscles, so rip it through.

The thrust is likewise wasted on this side of beef.

The smash should be reserved for the head, hands and the forearms, where you are sure to get to bone.

Smash those bones with teeth-grinding resolve.

Slash and stab that gut with a fiendish thirst.

Slash those muscles with cruel relish.

Punish the lean.

Torment the fat.

Bleed the strong.

In the end, if you are skilled, furious and conditioned enough, they all weaken and fall.

For some accounts and photos of stick-fighting and the resulting bruises try this book

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SeanJuly 27, 2015 1:12 PM UTC

You forgot to add bully the lean. Throws their game off and disrupt their confidence....atleast thats how I felt a few weeks ago!
responds:July 28, 2015 1:04 PM UTC

We appreciated having you down for the work Sean. You will enjoy the next session a lot more.