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Black Lives Don’t Matter
White Wednesday Notes on the Rising Lie
I told a fellow writer about this article and he said it sounded like click bait. After he explained to me what click bait was, I put off writing it for an entire week.
I am becoming deeply offended, that even as I am regularly the subject of black youth aggression, I see, in the headlines on the front page of the newspaper, constant references to the innocence and harmlessness of unemployed and unaccomplished black youths, who somehow mattered when they were alive, but are never the subject of discussion until they die by a white hand.
The aspect of this that is kind of sad, is not the cold hard truth that black lives don't matter, for the lives of the lowly have never mattered. What is pathetic is that a black death only matters if the killer is white.
This is precisely the same thing as saying that the actions of blacks do not matter, and only the actions of whites matter. The fact that the liberal white slave masters have blacks believing that their life does not matter until it is taken by Whitey, and that any black killed by another black is merely so much road tar, is a racist statement far more virulent and anti-black than a white guy shaving his head and decorating it with white power tattoos. But, to the Left and to the Right this sentiment is mistaken for either love of blacks or hate of whites, with virtually no one getting the point, least of all the African American puppets dancing un the liberal strings.
Let me be clear here.
Black lives do not matter.
Lives do not matter.
Had Skittle not beaten the shit out of that wannabe cop and got himself shot, he would not matter, would just be getting high in his daddy’s condo and playing video games.
If Tiny Teen had not been jay-walking with his pack of stolen cigars, with his dumbass friend who had a warrant out for him, and then inexplicably felt compelled to beat the shit out of, run from, and then turn and charge a terrified ass-whooped gun-armed cop, he would not matter. He and his pathetic life did not matter, and still don’t.
What matters is death.
If Leonidas would have retreated after fighting a successful delaying action against the Persian army with his 300 vicious queers, then only geeks like me would know his name, or be able to recall the shadow of his story.
If the stupidest man to graduate last in his class at West Point would have listened to the advice of his Crow scouts, we would not know anything about George Armstrong Custer. His dumbass only matters because he got killed.
A man's life does not matter, at all, unless he accomplishes something noteworthy.
A man's death does not matter unless he has accomplished something noteworthy.
Added to this list of noteworthy accomplishments is being born black in America and being killed by a white man. This sentiment, that blacks killed by whites are the only members of their race that matter, is a profound declaration of submission to the social order.
Our media slave masters want us to feel valuable, like our lives matter.
Is it so?
Is that Harm City crackpot truly cracked beyond all repair?
Here is the test, using the media’s own venerable tool, the print newspaper.
Scour the newspaper for birth notices—notices of newly bloomed life—and for death notices.
What do you find?
From the front page to the editorial, add up announced deaths and announced births. Now tell me that life matters more than death.
Now for the government, the faceless daddy that owns the media masters. Does the government take a bigger slice of your worth on April 11, or when you kick the bucket?
Lives don’t matter, and death only matters in passing. What truly matters is The Lie, and that we believe it.
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Jeremy BenthamAugust 25, 2015 1:12 AM UTC

LOL! Glad you enjoyed the history lesson Oliver. As an added bonus here’s some more Gee-whiz trivia on the subject. Ernst Rohm’s homosexuality even contributed to his downfall. After Hitler seized power, Rohm believed the German Army should be merged with his “brown shirts”, the Sturmabteilung or SA (meaning “storm” or assault detachment, the Nazi Party’s militia) to form a true revolutionary “people’s army” under his command (naturally). He demanded that the Army be absorbed into the SA with him as minister of defense, which of course outraged the general staff. Hitler himself distrusted the aristocrat generals who ran the German Army, but he had only recently seized power with their support and knew that it would be fatal to betray that support. So he decided to purge the SA and get rid of Rohm. The purge was dubbed the “Night of the Long Knives” 30 June, 1934. When Rohm was arrested at a weekend getaway with some “friends” he was reportedly caught in flagrante delicto with said companions. This enabled Hitler to publically denounce Rohm as an immoral sexual deviant as well as a traitor accused of leading an SA rebellion against the Nazi regime. Rohm was offered the chance to commit suicide, refused and was shot to death in Stadelheim prison in Munich. In the end the “SS” (Schutzstaffel or Protection Squadron, the "black shirts"), which had started out as a small group of personal bodyguards for Nazi leaders, became the exclusive National Socialist controlled police and military force and a counter balance to the Army. In spite of the Party’s tolerance for Rohm’s predilections, homosexuality was not admired in Germany any more than it was anywhere else in European society back then. In fact it was against the law and one could be imprisoned for engaging in it. However, as in most aristocratic societies how “wrong” it was and what penalties you suffered for being caught at it often depended on what social class you were from. Members of the ruling class were frequently allowed to get away with it so long as their conduct was not too flagrant, embarrassing and/or “prejudicial to good order and discipline”. As they say, if you’re poor you’re crazy, but if you’re rich you’re merely eccentric.
O hayesAugust 23, 2015 11:34 AM UTC

What a fact filled queen history lesson. I always thought hitlers brown shirts were so called because of their uniform color.. but now I have a different understanding..
responds:August 23, 2015 7:47 PM UTC

I would not be surprised to find out that homosexual patronage played more of a role in Hitler's Germany—particularly in the SA and SS—then in the general population, though doubt if it was significant.

What I do know is at least one black Nazi fought with the Waffen SS at Leningrad!
SAWBAugust 21, 2015 4:10 PM UTC

Aw, hell no, you did not have to bring the Samurai into this mess. I'm am now thinking about committing seppuku with my Samurai swords to find honor again after you shared this knowledge with me.
responds:August 26, 2015 10:32 AM UTC

Don't go stabbing yourself, dude. Recall that the dagger was essentially a phallic death symbol in ancient Rome. You wouldn't want to end up in hell next to Manlius Man-Butcher and have him call you a vagina, which is what they called their sheaths and scabbards!
Jeremy BenthamAugust 21, 2015 1:03 PM UTC

LOL! Yes I can believe that the revelation about the Theban Scared Band IS an eye-opener, Smart Ass White Boy. Especially for someone who perhaps was indoctrinated with the stereotype that all gays are effeminate, cowardly, and generally unwilling to fight. That is true of some, but there are other gays who are violent, sadistic and hyper-masculine. These hyper-masculine gays tend to gravitate toward military and police work. In some past societies this hyper-masculine homosexuality was tolerated or even promoted. As in ancient Greece with the Theban Sacred Band and among the Muslim pirates of North Africa (AKA the Barbary Pirates) from the 14th to the 18th Centuries. Ernst Rohm, the head of Hitler’s Brown shirts, was a hyper-masculine homosexual and appointed like-minded men as the group’s senior leadership. Many of the tribesmen in present day Afghanistan engage in open homosexual sex as well as pedophilia, much to the horror and revulsion of the American servicemen who must work alongside them as allies. The American military excluded gays from serving for many years, not because they couldn’t fight, but because Congress (who makes the rules) feared that the macho heterosexual Christian men, whether white, black or Hispanic, who have historically made up the majority in our military personnel might refuse to join in significant numbers if they were forced to cohabitate with open and notorious homosexuals. Apparently in the 21st Century that has been judged to no longer be a potential problem or at least not one that is likely to affect the efficiency and cohesion of military units. Nowadays having a Confederate flag tattoo WILL exclude you from serving in the military, because that HAS been judged to negatively affect the efficiency and cohesion of military units. FYI gays actually only make up about 2-3% of the population. So roughly there are as many gays in our society as there are people over six feet three inches tall. That 12% number that gets tossed about comes from the study done by sexologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey who surveyed prison inmates in the 1940’s and found that 12% of them admitted to having had a homosexual experience in the past year (No Kidding!). Obviously Dr. Kinsey’s choice of a deviant population group for his study gave him a skewed result. If it were true that 12% of the population is gay that would mean that there are as many gays as there are left-handed people. In any given group of people then there would likely be as many gays as there would be south-paws present. Naturally gay activists promote and exploit the larger 12% number in the public consciousness for political advantage. Our society is stupid and evil and desperately needs to be transformed you understand.
SMART ASS WHITE BOYAugust 19, 2015 7:40 PM UTC

Damn, vicious queers, killer queers and a 300 man army of homosexuals. I feel like I just took the red pill and watched the matrix dissolve around me shattering my illusion of the world as I knew it. Thanks for the info and link.
responds:August 21, 2015 8:57 AM UTC

The Samurai were also commonly into man love. We are not talking about the modern version of gay, but mentor—ass poking relationships that were strictly limited, focused on common goals far more than eroticism, and did not produce a bitch partner. the entire concept is alien to me, but was effective. The best estimates I have seen about man love in ancient Hellenic martial cultures comes from Paul Cartledge, and he gives a figure of about 1 in 3 men being involved in these relationships in Sparta.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh he and Enkidu are lovers. In The Iliad, it is clear that Achilles and Patroclus were lovers. Alexander and Hephastion where lovers. None of these guys would be what we understand as gays today, but ultra-masculine killers, who were so masculine they had trouble dealing exclusively with women in the intimate sphere—yeah, gets even creepier.
Jeremy BenthamAugust 19, 2015 1:52 PM UTC

Let’s give credit where credit is due James. Though the Spartans indulged in anal sodomy to the extent that most other metropolitan Greeks did, the true bunch of vicious gays in ancient times were the Theban Sacred Band:

The Sacred Band of Thebes (Ancient Greek: Ἱερὸς Λόχος, Hieròs Lókhos) was a troop of picked soldiers, consisting of 150 pairs of male lovers which formed the elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC. It is said to have been organized by the Theban commander Gorgidas in 378 BC and to have played a crucial role in the Battle of Leuctra. It was annihilated by Philip II of Macedon in the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC.

Phillip II of Macedon observed that none of the fallen members Sacred Band were wounded in the back at Chaeronea. Meaning that none of them ran away in battle. Perhaps then recruiting pairs of lovers is something we should consider implementing for the U.S. Armed Forces? Especially now that gays and transgenders are allowed to serve and the first women have completed Ranger school. After all, who would shame themselves by acting cowardly in front of their lover?

Yes, other than that you're right, lives don't matter. Not to The Woman. The Woman sees human beings as a liability rather than an asset. To her all human beings are just another mouth to feed and another anus to clean up after. A mouth that is steadily consuming all the world's natural recourses and an anus that is daily despoiling our holy Mother Earth with excrement. Not to mention the mountains of inorganic trash constantly produced by these individual human "consumers". Unless this is stopped soon there will be not sufficient resources available to allow our social and political elites to enjoy their opulent lifestyles. Already Hollywood movie stars are unable to water their lawns. Nevertheless the Woman long ago succeeded in convincing the mass of the People that she is "nice" and all her opponents are "mean". You'd vote for the political candidates who is perceived to be "nice" rather than the one who is identified as "mean", wouldn't you? But by doing so you are voting to eliminate yourself.
responds:August 19, 2015 4:19 PM UTC

Yes, Indeed, 150 fifty highly trained killer queers, each one of them married to the faggot next to them—beat that!

Phillip actually let his 18 year old son—Oh, I forget his name, So-in-so the Pretty Good, I think—supervise the slaughter of the Sacred Band.

I think the mainland Greeks accused the Cretans of being the most active buggers.

Thanks for the link, Bro.
SMART ASS WHITE BOYAugust 18, 2015 11:01 PM UTC

I know I'll probably regret asking this question but why are you calling the Spartans vicious queers?
responds:August 18, 2015 11:13 PM UTC

Let's just say that the Laconian sheep were relieved that the Spartans left the shepherding up to the Arcadians!