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‘In Baltimore’
A Black 'Queen' Tries to Humiliate National Guard Troops in Baltimore

Anti-Skynet BT-1000 Stomps Flag In Front Of Troops A They Respond Like Bosses To The B!tch!

This is a video of the kind of thing that is going on in Baltimore in the ongoing attempt to start another Race Purge on my tier of the great American penitentiary. Currently our society is built along a number of mythic lines, that all gravitate toward the assumption that the giant faceless beast that is the State will forever be a cuddle bear guardian of the rude.

One of the reasons why I pray to Odin every night that the world economy crashes, is so that I can see idiots like this piled in decaying heaps under the shambling wings of the hawk-sized crows of Baltimore, which my one-eyed god would be pleased with their ability to haul the souls of the weak in carrion form off to Hel.

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Bernie HackettSeptember 24, 2015 3:56 PM UTC


Did you notice who the TAG for the State of Maryland is?

Kinda of a trifacta, ain't it?

Ooops! And I just said that! Wrongthink! Blatant sexism, ect.

Come visit me in reeducation camp?

Uncle Anymous