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Who Would You Speak With?
If You Could Talk With Three Historical Figures Who Would They Be?
Last night Erique and I were down at the mixed race sports bar having a beer with Quinn, a school teacher, tennis coach and poet, who suggested that he [a black liberal Christian] and I [a white Darwinian heathen] collaborate on a book, in which we each name the three historical figures we would be most interested in having a conversation with, and then agree on three questions we would ask each if we could speak with them.
We decided on 25 figures to make a book. And then, after promising to come up with my list of 25 today—to be debated against his—it occurred to me that I am far more interested in what historical figures our readers would like to speak with. This book is to take the form of an old aristocratic style men’s parlor game, with the proposing person having to prove the worthiness of his choices to the others. I will argue your choices at the bar to Quinn.
For the record, my three figures are:
-Abd al-Latiff, the Arab doctor who documented the 1201 famine/cannibal apocalypse in Egypt
-Tecumseh, Pan-Amerindian war chief of the Shawnee, who took a bullet in battle against an American army when his British allies deserted him
-Richard Francis Burton, the Gnostic, Hindu Islamic Sufi, Dervish, stoner, alcoholic, womanizing, swordsman, spy and explorer who spoke 29 languages and wrote 35 books
What Are Your Three Picks?
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Mesc FranklinDecember 7, 2015 1:41 AM UTC

-Lothrop Stoddard ( I would buy him a few drinks first before I let him see 2015)

-Karl Marx (I would sic the SJWs on him but then run them off)

-Der Fuhrer (Now this would be surreal).
SidVicDecember 5, 2015 11:32 PM UTC

1 WT sherman

2 Alexander tg

3 jesus, of course
IshmaelDecember 5, 2015 3:54 PM UTC

James, that's a tough one to nail down, my choice today would be Al Sieber Apache scout, Crazyhorse, Marcus Aurelius.
BDecember 5, 2015 1:08 PM UTC

1. Maimonides

2. Joshua Ben Nun

3. Yoav, King David's renegade general
SamDecember 5, 2015 7:20 AM UTC

1. A ConeHead of Paracas Peru. Where did they come from? There's some indication that they were a world wide civilization during the last Ice Age. Their skulls exist all over the planet. Note I've been told that their skull volume is larger than normal humans, their cranial sutures are different on the skulls, DNA test have them having a different mitochondrial DNA and while many coneheads are due to binding, these are not. Possibly the binders copied the originals to look more like them.

Ancient maps found that show the world before the Ice Age ended.

The coneheads descendants may still be with us. Look at this guy Roger Stone. He's an adviser to Trump.

2. Herodotus, (484 – c. 420 BC) You know who he is I'm sure.

3.Manetho an Egyptian historian and priest. (323-246 BC)????. I think he was around during the times of the Ancient Library of Alexandria. Probably one of the greatest tragedies ever was the burning of the Library.

I think these guys could answer a lot of burning questions I have. As just a guy I'd like to meet Benjamin Franklin would have to be tops on my list. Sorry had to add one more, Gilgamesh!
GolliosDecember 4, 2015 6:47 PM UTC

1. James Cook, British sea captain and Explorer

2. Charles Martel, Frankish general

3. Antonio Salieri, Italian composer and teacher
ZachDecember 4, 2015 5:58 PM UTC

Tricky. I'll take a quick stab without thinking too much.

Thomas Jefferson

Augustine of Hippo

Nathan Bedford Forrest

That would be interesting.
SeanDecember 4, 2015 5:53 PM UTC

King David, Stonewall Jackson, and Hitler.