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Triumph Forum
Support and Commentary for the Triumph RPG
My mentor, Randy Boyer, once told me in the mid 1980s, when I was designing an RPG, “Don’t take forever making it perfect! The entire industry is built on intentionally flawed first editions that require continued reinvestment in the game by players.”
I believed him, and still do. Now as then I have resisted the impulse to join the incompetent design racket. Thirty years later though, after numerous failed attempts to design the perfect RPG, I have decided to release an imperfect and playable role playing game, but without the specter of limitless new editions that render the last obsolete. I also want Triumph to go where the players want it to go, so am offering this forum.
For opinion and commentary use the comment feature below.
If you have a variant, play testing notes, an addition, or anything that you want to present to other Triumph players in the form of an article, email it to me at and I will paste it up, as is, without editorial alterations, with your copyright notice below the heading. Please provide a title so that I don’t have to wrack my brain coming up with one.
I believe that role playing is interactive fiction. I do plan on rewriting and releasing the Tribes campaign setting as a series of compatible e-books on this page.
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