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‘Safety Knowledge’
‘Flushing Neighborhood Watch Team’ [With Correction]

In the article below I mentioned that the attacker of Yaoyu was black. Brooklyn Shane called to correct me.

"The dude that killed and raped Yaoyu was not black but of another innocent group—an illegal Mexican immigrant who had already been convicted of a crime and deported before and came back. Of course, yours was a reasonable assumption, since almost all of the multitude of violent crimes committed against Chinese in Flushing are committed by blacks from a nearby housing project. They are pretty much getting slaughtered, just no-holds barred attack after attack, almost all black on yellow. I tell my one Chinese friend that he is my replacement. That him and his people are good earners and aren't violent, so are going to be the preferred prey species in the New America."

This brochure is as black on white as a postmodern crime, with an image of a shirtless young man being KO’d by a Chinese person in traditional garb.

“Suffering Violence again and again, Keeping silence is no longer an option!”

“Maintaining security and order is everybody’s duty.”

“Team spirit and purpose.”

According to Brooklyn Shane, who sent me this ad, this is in response to the largely Chinese community of Flushing, New York being preyed upon remorselessly by black men and youth, with a Chinese woman recently attacked by a black [correction, Mexican] man who bashed her brains out against a pipe and raped her as she died. According to Shane, this process in New York, of blacks hunting and preying upon Chinese, is decades old and intensely violent and one-sided, with large black youths ganging up on smaller, less numerous, unarmed, and often younger and female victims.

It is interesting to see such a traditional outcry against the Liberal American Paradise of Urban America. On the interior of the brochure are translated invitations to free “Kong Fu” lessons, directions to patrol in groups of five with whistles and cell phones, with additional whistles to pass out to concerned bystanders who will be directed to keep within sight of criminals and continue blowing whistles, acting as spotter hounds for the police.

Unfortunately, in Liberal Urban America, the police are being told to stand down and not arrest. A full bore propaganda campaign has been launched by The Baltimore Sun for an entire week, focusing on nothing but the helplessness of black men before drug addiction and drug trafficking, the call to house more ghetto children in affluent white suburbia, and the need to use less police action against black criminals.

New York, LA, Chicago, are not the liberal pilot plans for the war on law abiding citizens by the proxy black mob of the Left. Places like Baltimore are the test ground. I am sorry to inform these law abiding Chinese that the law is being sculpted in such a way as to completely abandon them to their fate.

The law officer of the future is nothing but an agent of citizen disarmament, which will be directed to avoid contact with unarmed violent mobs of young, unarmed, large, black criminals and persecute the small, lone, armed defender, assuring a predatory matrix that will keep the balance of the population in line.

However, I like the spirit of this Safety Knowledge brochure and would like to continue on a positive note, in their words [which is followed by a ten-step Code of Conduct]:

Line 1: “Let us draw a lesson from the bitter experience, mend the fold after the sheep is lost, [Who would not want people who see themselves as sheep as citizens?] and prevent any recurrence of the tragedy of “Yaoyu”!

Line 3; “If everyone of us is worldly-wise and plays safe, all of us will eventually suffer disaster.”

Line 7: “Let us unite and get organized and show the strength of the ethnic Chinese!”

Line 11: “Let us unite and get organized, and cultivate a spirit of mutual loving care, and act bravely for a just cause.”

Just in case any of you white people currently suffering the indignity of being robbed, raped, beaten and murdered by gangs of blacks, are considering banding together like the “ethnic Chinese” of Flushing, New York, keep in mind that the police will be sent against you, and if they cannot handle you, you will be doing your Kent State student protestor imitation in front of a fire team of National Guardsmen, commanded—as is the Maryland National Guard Riot Task Force—by a black female officer.

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markoDecember 28, 2015 7:57 PM UTC

I've heard of similar acts happening against Chinese/Asians

in Philadelphia also. Kids are tormented in the schools by the animals.