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Action Sites, Manhood 18-29
Violent Experiences from 1981-1992

1981: Cockeysville, harassed and detained by cops for being poorly dressed in upscale area

1981: 5900 Block of Belair, older coworker attempted to strangle me

1982: Cockeysville, threatened by a man with a black beret and assault rifle while hiking along Gunpowder River

1982: 5900 block Belair Road, slammed against a wall by a mixed-race coworker, did not fight back, he did not escalate and was fired

1982: 5900 block of Belair Road, terminated coworker tried to run me over in his yellow Mustang, ran into alley and pried loos brick and he declined to follow [It was a nice car.]

1982: 4900 block of Belair Road, three black men threaten me but do not escalate

1983: 5100 block of Belair Road, two black men with one gun threaten me, I continued away from them and they did not pursue

1983: Belair and Frankford, one black man threatens me and I continue walking

1983: Mary and Greenhill, white coke head threatens me from driver’s seat of white Chevy, I place razor to his throat, he drives off

1984: 5900 block of Belair Road, terminated coworker, large red-headed man, tries to run me over with his pickup truck, I dodge behind light pole and get up on a bank

1986: Threatened by white coworker

1987: 5900 block of Belair Road, Two coworkers [one being my shift supervisor], one white one Italian, try and kill me with their hands, fight them to a draw

1988: 5900 block of Belair Road, attacked by white coworker, defend with hand check and step-off

1990: 5900 block of Belair Road, threatened by white coworker, who I then threaten to kill, he backs off

1991: 4900 block of Belair Road, black man tries to rob me, I pull a knife, he runs

1991: 5000 block of Belair Road, five black men threaten me, I turn left into alley and they do not follow

1992: Woodlea Avenue two blocks from Belair Road, turned and chased a black man who was following me, discontinued pursuit when he gathered friends

1992: Southern Avenue and Simms, grab and threaten a white man with rusty nail, who I mistakenly thought was following me

1992: 5900 block of Belair Road, white coworker threw a six-half-gallon sleeve of Sealtest ice cream at my head

1992: Luerssen Avenue and Marx, Abducted and “terrorized” a 16-year old black drug dealer who had harmed my oldest son

Aggression is considered hierarchal if the aggressor is an authority, an adult aggressing against a youth or child, or a member of a higher tax bracket: middle class on working, working on unemployed, etc. Heretical violence is the reverse of this. Horizontal violence is that engaged in by people of equal social status.

Of these 20 acts of physical aggression:

5 were hierarchal

15 were horizontal

0 were heretical, which, considered my impoverished state, could have only occurred if I had been attacked by children

5 of these were initiated by groups on an individual

9 of these were interracial

I stopped recording for this section in 1992, because in November 1992 I ceased living and working in the same neighborhood, and began travelling on foot and by bus in my new capacity as a low-seniority grocery clerk in a chain with dozens of locations.

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