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Maneuvering against the All-Weather Hoodrat?
A Hero’s Welcome Heads Up from Samuel
“Hi James,
“The crack of the bat, the ceremonial rolling of the drunks, it’s that time of year again.”
Thank you, Samuel, for posting yourself as a scout for this stuff. I really am dependent on my readers for news. Local news I get from coworkers and my roommate’s copy of the Sun paper. Other than that I’m on Planet Graphomania. In the 1990s I was a daily Washington Times reader. This is the paper for which Fred Reed used to cover crime.
It is notable that the police always deny that any violent crime is ever part of a larger pattern, even when occurring on the same night with the same attack pattern.
Many times have I heard palefaces say of the North American Hoodrat that preys upon them that cold weather is proof against the hoodrat. However, recall that the North American Hoodrat, while exhibiting some characteristics of its African ancestors, have evolved in close proximity to the Norway Rat which is rampant in the ghettos of the Eastern United States, and at home in arctic environs. The Hoodrat is acting out in order to gain respect from the enemies of its political masters. Survival minded palefaces should be careful not to assume that their opponents in what has been an openly declared war will not adapt.
It astonishes me to know end, that when militant people declare war openly, the targets and designated enemies continue to assume they are at peace. This is as insane as denying that the U.S. Government has been waging war against citizens since 1974, when the president declared an internal domestic war which has been vociferously reaffirmed by every one of his successors across party lines and is vigorously prosecuted by tens of thousands of law enforcers—utilizing military equipment—annually.
To prevent such attacks on city streets:
1. Walk in the street, against traffic.
2. Walk against walls when on the sidewalk.
3. Turn your head 90 degrees on every step.
4. Actively seek the enemy with your eyes and ears.
5. When changing directions, make sure no one is within three paces.
6. Do not pass doorways, alleys, etc, but cross the street diagonally, from a point before, to a point after the dark opening.
7. Cross the street often, and diagonally, opening your field of vision.
8. Pick up a brick, stone, board, bottle or chunk of curb or asphalt.
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