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‘Some Respect for Pigs?’
A Plea from Joel for Solidarity in the Face of Black Spring
“As the cousin of a police officer I do feel a twinge of regret when I read the term ‘Pig’ in your posts. Based on the fact that your ‘black heroes’ are hunting you in Harm City, and apparently now in Harm County as well, I would think that you might side with your allies-of-circumstance in blue. Come on, James, could we show some respect for ‘pigs?’’
Absolutely, Joel. The Pigs deserve recognition. They are, after all engaging in a war of sorts and that takes a certain amount of positive qualities. In fact, I think the Baltimore County Cops deserve an anthem as they fight the hero-storm that is the Black Spring Uprising.
So, for pigs fighting the drug war, what better anthem could there be but…
PS: If you’re a pig and you don’t like this guy, feel better, because my friend Raphael and three other Puerto Rican meatheads beat his ass when they were working security at one of these concerts and found him walking round mumbling back stage, not even speaking a language they could identify as English.
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