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A Pink Assault Rifle
Father and Son Martyred by Caucasian Occupation Troops at Green Mount Cemetery

“A nice guy who was getting his act together and going back to school” and his father pulled up in the 400 block of East Lavalle Street on April Fool’s Day, strapped, locked and loaded to put some stitches in some snitches. Unfortunately for our Black Spring heroes three cops from a tactical unit were rolling up on some other business. Upon seeing the young man with the handgun and the father with the scooped, pink assault rifle taking aim at some rival “players in the game” the cops, with out even taking a moment to consider that the father might have been involved in a breast cancer awareness initiative, “lit dey asses up,” hosing down the father and son with 56 rounds, which has community activists questioning this excessive use of force, as well as the fact that the three cracker cops did not identify themselves, shout a warning, discuss options with or otherwise advise the Fallen before opening fire.

Some white blogger had the audacity to excuse the number of rounds expended on the fact that BPD cops have to pay for their own practice ammunition—which you just know is B.S., but there you have the cover up beginning. Two neighborhood traitors claim that the cops saved some innocent children that were about to be caught in the crossfire, who were given time to scatter, as if those porch monkeys didn’t already know what to do. These fools shall be dealt with.

-Justin W. R. Justice reporting for on this cracker atrocity up in here.

PS: Binkie, I worked ovatime on dis shit and needs to get paid—Five’O eyeballin’ ma black ass da whole entire time, you feel me, Yo?

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PRCDApril 3, 2016 10:14 PM UTC

I'm sure that wasn't an AR-15 stolen from some wife out in the county either.