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The Three Little People
When the Hoodrat Wolf-Pack Huffs and Puffs and Threatens to Blow Your Door In

Yesterday, at 5:30 p.m., I was headed up to the gym, cutting through the Ridgely Oak neighborhood, when, walking up White Oak to Oak, I saw a group of 20-30 older teen and adult blacks, evenly mixed between male and female. I noticed the males as I was behind and they were the support element. The victims and neighbors noticed the females.

I had a friend check on social media with the neighborhood association and have a rough understanding of what transpired before and after I made a right up Oak and passed a county pig cruising toward the scene. Currently this neighborhood is only 15% black, yet they own the streets as the sissy whites wonder what is happening. The social media posts indicate a total incomprehension of black urban culture. The media has prepped these victims well.

I do not know if the specific victims were white, and based on media posts, am guessing that they are not, because they seemed to know what was what, unlike the neighbors who were shocked. If they were white or black does not matter. If decent blacks move into your neighborhood and you do not have men to defend them from the gangs that will root them out so that they can be your residential predators, then you are next.

The daughter has been subject to attacks at school and has been pulled from Loch Raven Senior High.

The predators Googled her house address and showed up in masse to stage a home invasion, led by an adult woman. These teen males were on average six feet and 180 pounds.

The parents were at work.

The rest of the information is hazy.

The two grandfathers showed up to defend the house, apparently unarmed. One was stricken down and four mob members breached the front door and were able to lay hands on the girl.

Police arrived, with one cop falling on the sidewalk as the mob fled.

Police and neighbors are suggesting assault charges, where this was clearly a blatant home invasion.

I have, in the past, been in this situation.

If you are in this situation do not open your door to communicate with the besiegers. Moral authority does not apply to mob attacks.

If you must open the door to retrieve a family member do not do so unarmed and do not rely on a blunt weapon, which is of limited value against a mob. Appear with an edged weapon or firearm, making sure to advance only enough to bring in your kin. Do not attempt to drive off the besiegers. Such sorties are frowned on by the Police State, which is first and foremost concerned with the rights of your attackers and the prospect of you using a weapon.

Get back inside as soon as possible. If the cops see you on the lawn with a weapon, you may be one of the roughly 500 whites killed by cops this year as opposed to the approximately 200 blacks killed by cops in the same period of occupation.

If you have two men, the strong one should hold the door and push back, while the other uses a weapon—such as a butcher knife or fireplace poker—on whatever attacker manages to breach the open portion of the door.

This is why sensible city dwellers, when hunkering down, always install barred security storm doors that open outward and have heavy inside doors that open toward a wall that your back can be braced against while your partner butchers those hoodrats who squeeze through to get their huminary cheese.

Note that this is a suburb that working and middle class city folks resettled to when they were driven from Baltimore decades ago. The State is now sending their moral chattel across the DeYoified Zone to root at the children of those who escaped.

Below is the link to a house listed for sale within two blocks of the attack. There are multiple sale signs on every block. The tide has risen and the inner dykes are breached. The fight will now be house to house.

This was a Black Spring Tactical Strike in one of the Baltimore County neighborhoods I am studying as the hunt for palefaces and colored sympathizers intensifies. Do note that the neighborhood association was told by the police that they do not always have "the resources" to send out an officer on such calls. The cops seem to be using a counter-surge strategy.


The felons have announced that they will be back and know well that the police can not provide protection. The commentary by the local whites about how the adult female was setting a bad example show astounding ignorance. That bitch was setting a good example, training up a click on behalf of some other, more influential, woman operating behind the scenes. She is probably the aunt of one of the attackers.

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PRCDApril 17, 2016 7:32 PM UTC


You're saying a few of your friends could've taken on the 20-30? 20-30 is a lot of people. It seems like your only option in that situation is to ambush them, break contact, and then re-engage in some sort of running battle.

As far as defending a third party is concerned, what is the evidence that these were 'decent' blacks whose home was invaded? I have no doubt they ran afoul of a black gang, but that could've been due to their granddaughter's involvement in it.
PRCDApril 16, 2016 4:45 PM UTC

I think a Danish short sword or saxe would probably be the best for this application. A gun simply wouldn't do enough damage fast enough and cops often come to the sound of gunfire.

On the topic of defending decent black neighbors, how do you do it? Say they're trying to knock down your neighbors' front door and you approach the intruders from behind with a gun or an edged weapon to disperse them. Say they attack you and you have to kill one or they break in and you start attacking those entering? Legally, you're allowed to defend yourself or those nearby from murder, but the DA will still look at prosecuting you in a place like Baltimore unless none of the attackers press charges. They might simply because they have more witnesses.

I suppose you could throw pepper spray grenades into the mob from cover and shoot a suppressed air gun from cover (or even a bow). Then the gangs are after you. But they are anyway. What a lousy situation.
responds:April 17, 2016 12:49 AM UTC

Heavy blades are great for doorways.

I suggested the possibility of helping black neighbors being attacked by blacks from outside the neighborhood because they are the first to be attacked in most cases. I agree with you that helping a third party is asking for persecution.
Sam J.April 16, 2016 4:48 AM UTC

In New Orleans after Katrina ever Black person entering a White area was shot at immediately. If there's ever a mass breakdown I think the hood rats will fair poorly. No that I wish a break down to occur as I'll probably fair poorly myself.
SidVicApril 15, 2016 2:12 PM UTC

James. are there not neighborhoods where the blacks are not allowed. Only 15% black so far in this example. Their property values are going to go to shit (a real hit). You would think that the neighborhood could produce 20-30 young guys that would stomp a group like this coming into their neighborhood? Are they really this chickenshit up in Baltimore?

I'm genuinely perplexed.
responds:April 17, 2016 1:07 AM UTC

I talked to a lady that lives a block from the house that is listing for just over a hundred, which means it is down 50K since she moved in when the black population was only 5%. 10% seems to be the point at which an influx of poor blacks from an urban setting will destroy an area.

There are strict and eagerly enforced laws against barring access to housing for blacks in white communities free of violent crime. I believe this is intentional, to bring violence, fear, dependence on the police.

As far as young white men on the street, I have seen two kinds: young fellas trying to fit in with a group of blacks and slightly older guys with a girl. Honestly, from the looks of this group. The four guys I had fighting at the gym today would have routed them. Dante and his brother would have routed them. Banno, by his self would have routed these punks. There is a problem in so far as a lack of numbers and cohesion, but the bigger problem is the lack of physicality among decent people. Being able to fight is not valued according to the general ethos. These criminals essentially fight like women—and they can't be stopped!