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Surviving State-Sponsored Aggression
Black Spring Survival Guide #1
In the new Harm City Predatory Matrix which has undergone extensive improvements in methodology, since that hallowed day one year ago, when the oppressed followers’ followers of Freddie “Don’t-Whop-My-Ass-No-More” Grey, who rose up and said, “Hands up, don’t shoot, while I beat, rob, rape and perforate these white folks” put the police in line. As a public service to those palefaces who still wish to traverse Harm City, I have gathered seven typical accounts of oppressed on privileged aggression to use as case studies for the purpose of privileged preparation as opposed to perforation.
April, 2016, Essex, Baltimore County, MD
Two innocent, unarmed, oppressed individuals approached an older privileged oppressor and demanded reparations. The word used to get the privileged person’s attention was, “Hey,” followed by, “You got something for me?” The larger and silent of the two oppressed individuals got the older privileged person’s arms and pinned them to his sides. In the meantime, the reparations recovery agent effected the recovery of the debt, at least in part. The privileged person was unharmed.
To prevent this from happening to you, you should never stop when somebody speaks to you. As you continue to move, if the aggressors continue to approach, move to one side or the other, whatever you have to do to keep one of these people between you and the other. If you are not confident in your ability to level both of these aggressors, do not move towards blocking terrain such as a wall or a hedge but into an open area, toward traffic, into the street if necessary. Running away, unless you are an adolescent boy or man in his twenties is usually not an option, and an unsuccessful effort to flee will leave you weakened and easily handled. You should have something on your person that you can grab as a weapon, even if it’s just an umbrella, keys, flashlight, pen or pencil that you should hold as you continue to walk away from the aggressors.
If these people have approached you or made a verbal communication, then keep your eyes on them, even if it means walking backwards. If, however, they have not diverted in your direction and have not made verbal contact or threats about people looking like you, do not turn your head and look at them, as this could cause you to seem fearful and be targeted. The best thing you could do to keep an eye on them and not draw attention is to cross the street or in the case of being on a parking lot, walk away in a direction perpendicular to their line of travel, and at this time, look over your shoulder. It is common for people, even careless people and jaywalkers, to cross the street to turn their head and look for traffic in both directions. This is your cover for taking a look around. There are other methods for keeping an eye on people who may be following you, but in this case we are focusing on people with aggressive approaches.
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DaveMay 1, 2016 8:52 AM UTC

"Reparations recovery agent." I'm totally stealing that one. I've really enjoyed this series and I can tell you enjoyed writing them. Appreciate the dry humor.