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Force Five from Bayonne
Reparation Recovery Training Needed for Rookie Agents, Says Black Spring Activator Justin W. R. Justice
What is an activator?
Fool. You're plucking my last nerve.
An activator is an activist who is also serving as a reporter.
Any more stupid questions, Mantrovious?
Well, then get on up the way en get me one a dem Burger King bacon cheeseburgers for a dolla-thirty-nine.
Why not Mickey-Dees? Is you stupit—a-course you is, yo mutha were stupid when I tapped you into existence.
'Cause Mickey-Dee done gone traitorous on our shit and took away the dolla menu! Now git!
Now all I got ta do is figure out how this talk-type niggatech roll en I'll be crankin' out articles like that Harlin Munchkin back in da old ass day... Yeah, now this shit is rolling...
As Black Spring kicks into second gear I detect some gear grinding in the box. Apparently, y’all trifling fools didn’t get the memo that this is about repayment for Whitey raping Great Grandmammy. So—en this just come to my attentive ears three weeks late, so the damage is unreparably done—when Black Spring Recovery agents are organized for an operation, they are supposed to target Whitey, supposed to pocket some cracker’s shit, not go and take from your own, you dumbshits!
Look, it ain’t like I’m getting paid for this joint. Malcolm ain’t answering calls or returning texts and I haven’t seen a dime to compensate for my time. So listen up, y’all, ‘cause this is Justin W. R. Justice reporting on your dumbasses to try and salvage this shit!
Way back on April 14 the Tyronater—his fight name, ‘cause he in training for that UFC—a brother with a job no less, was walking home down Belmar from training, when three bruthas and two sistas decide to bank his ass, talking shit about he got their cellphone.
The first mistake, is blacks can’t pay reparations ‘cause they owed them—unless a course it a fine bitch who Marry a white man en then you can take her shit 'cause it's jointly held under the law and she a traitor bitch anyhow. Besides that, they are not the enemy, the oppressor of our situation, Whitey and his little Korean en Haji buddies, are the enemy.
The second mistake was, is you fools picked on a nigga who can thrown down. So what does that stupidness get you? The three of you made to look like sissiy faggots holding your nose while Yolanda trying to raise her big brother on the phone to come straighten this obstinate nigga out, only we know that Yolanda’s big brother be bangin’ Charniqua’s aunt up in Charniqua’s mamma’s apartment, so that shit ain’t goin’ nowhere. And what is worse, by the time the Tyronater gets done with you bitch-ass niggas Charniqua just about ready ta have his baby!
You young fools need ta get your shit right. You should have used Charniqua—en even that scary bitch Yolanda—to put the seduction suction on his ass and recruit him to knock around the occasional hard-headed whiteboy that might throw a Yeti wrench into the entire Reparations Recovery effort.
This is Justin W.R. Justice straightening shit out up in here. Let’s get on track, people.
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