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Righteous Redistribution
Hunting Privileged Breeders Might Be The Way to Redeem Your Race, Says Justin W. R. Justice
I am happy to report, my brothers and sisters, that the final week of the Sacred Month of Uprising was righteously celebrated with dozens of Reparations Recovery Teams working hard across Northeast Baltimore and Baltimore County. The Middle River Boys deserve the most credit, because they are bringing it into Polar Bar territory. For every brother out in Middle River there are 8 white boys, but we are still ruling the streets.
A sound strategy for Reparations Recovery Agents is to go after white bitches with their babies.
First, there are not many of them, so they are easy to spot.
Second, white crackers all seem to think the police are going to protect their bitches, witch ain’t happening.
Third unlike our bitches, white bitches can’t fight!
Most importantly, unlike our bitches, white bitches care about their children getting hurt and killed.
So let this be a lesson to you:
On Tuesday, April 26, on the very anniversary of the Sacred Uprising, this dumb white bitch was walking home with her purse in one hand and her little cracker baby in the other hand. Now a black bitch would have made that child walk. But no, this bitch is all defenseless and what not, as if some white men might defend her when they could be watching porn and playing video games.
Lo and take hold, as the clock said 10:50, three brothers jumped out of the bushes that surround the apartment complex where they live. One of the Reparations Recovery Agents grabbed her purse for impound and she tried to hold on to it. To which these three hardened brother, recently moved out of the city said, “Bitch, we will whoop yo ass and beat yo baby too!”
The white bitch came to her senses and let go of her purse, which contained all her money, which I trust was donated to The Cause.
Do not steal, reparate and keep it real—Justin W.R. Justice reporting.
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