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A Well of Heroes: Two
Posts Beginning 6/10/16
The subtitle above is my reminder that A Well of Heroes: Volume Two— Literary Impressions of the Prose and Verse of Robert E. Howard, begins after this post.
In writing A Well of Heroes, every post is being made according to the format scheme represented by the REH tags, the A Well of Heroes tag and the feature tag, which, for Volume One was Hairy Monument, my Impressions of the novel Almuric.
Publishing the work in fragments as written will permit footnotes and criticism from those who have been following the series and have something to add. These comments will be retained as footnotes to the text.*
Also, this post will give me a marker, as I build books using this site as an open notebook. The comments and suggestion of readers have made all of these books better than they would have been and I count you all as editors, as, when working with an editor, the writer deals primarily with questioning commentary, criticism, footnote suggestions, etc.
*I will transfer the posts into a single document on 6/17/16 and format for proofing and publishing.
Thank you.
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