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If Trump Wins
Will He Be Killed, Marginalized or Effective?
Our reader of record, Sam J., has recently commented to this old crackpot that "Trump will crush Hillary!"
My first thought was, "Maybe so, but he better be wary of the reach around—the Wicked Witch of the Left surely has lethal vampire claws and an arm that dislocates at the elbow and turns into a mining tool of S&M sorts."
Sam, I would like to make you an offer—a bet of sorts, as I am confident that the next master of this plantation will by strapping on, not unzipping, to do your nation wrong behind closed doors:
If your toupee-crowned savior gets in, I will send you two PDFs of your choice.
If Trump gets in, recall that not a person working for the Federal government will have voted for him, and try not to act surprised when the CIA kills him, while his Secret Service Detail looks the other way and the FBI covers it up and blames it on one of Jared Taylor's American Renaissance readers. In such a case, I'll send you a copy of When You're Food: Raw.
If the Queen Aspirant is victorious, then I will send you four PDFs of your choice—might I suggest some dark fantasy and horror to set the matriarchal mood...
Reader Poll
While we are at it, lets take a reader poll and if you win, be sure and write in and remind me so that I can send out the literary missivepiece of your choice:
If Trump wins:
1. Will he be assassinated?
2. Will he simply be marginalized by the media and congress?
3. Or, might he prove effective in reversing [to any degree] the ongoing discount sale of America?
I think he will be murdered, and what is more, the media and both political parties will blame him and claim that he not only brought this on himself, but so damaged the American faith in their government, that the government will need to be strengthened to reverse the damage and heal the gaping multicultural wound left by his unbridled hatred.
And remember, Paleface, before you cast your vote, it is Dawn in Dindustan!
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Sam J.July 10, 2016 2:38 PM UTC

Hipster Racist made a point here,

in the comments(paraphrasing),“… Trump asked one of his staff to listen to “right wing talk radio” and find three issues he could run on… So that is what Trump talked about at his announcement. I doubt very seriously that Trump has given a second’s thought to Common Core, and probably not much to illegal immigration either.

But Trump’s bluster about illegal immigration hit a nerve, and people loved it. I doubt the guy was ever serious about winning….He’s just winging it,, and people are so sick of politics as usual he was able to beat the other GOP candidates. I doubt he ever expected, or even wanted, it to go this far. Trump is very pro-Israel and very pro-Jewish, and always has been. His Presidential campaign was basically started by three Jewish Democratic NYC lawyers (as we’ve documented here.)

But that doesn’t mean that “the Jews” are making a mistake, or that they have some nefarious plot.. …”

This is probably what's going on in the simplest. most direct manner. I think Hipster has nailed it and all my, supposed, deep thinking about the subject it for naught. Trump got surprised so he's just riding the wave.
TravoltaJuly 8, 2016 6:37 PM UTC

Assignation could be a possibility, but if he chooses an establishment type (like Gingrich) for his VP, he'll be impeached at first chance. That said, should he win and be removed by hook or crook, look for a massive "tossing he bums out" in the 2028 congressional election. And I mean massive.
Sam J.July 8, 2016 4:23 AM UTC

I think he will win in a landslide. Even with electronic voting machines cooking the books I believe it will be to one sided for Trump to lose.

I hope he's not killed. I've actually thought about his position. If I was him I would call in the head of the CIA, FBI, NSA and kill all of them in his office. Place throw away guns in their hands. Fire all the secret service and get Seals, Delta Force and Green Berets to protect him until new agents can be hired and trained. Invade the CIA, NSA and FBI and steal all their blackmail material. Let Congress know he has it. Make America Great Again.

However this probably won't happen and yes I've read,

I worry a great about Trump being totally controlled by Jews. aryanskynet is very convincing that he is controlled. He may not be. Just because they're all around him means nothing. The Jews thought Putin was under control also. I read an article about Trump's (((Jew lawyer))). He and the lawyer were best buddies but when the lawyer got in trouble Trump dumped him like a hot potato. So he may work with the Jews but if he gets power he could dump them too. He needs to get a bunch of Marines around him that he picks to watch the Secret Service and then slowly depose all of them currently around. It is possible for him to make it if he's paranoid enough. I think he might just be. He does believe in conspiracies.

If Trump is controlled I think Whites will be in big trouble. Like scary dictatorship trouble. The bad is his grand kids are Jewish.

This country really went over to total deep state Jew control when Kennedy was killed. He was about to dismember the CIA and all the deep state apparatus. There's no doubt at all some of the secret service upper staff were involved. Watch this video of his agents being called off Kennedy's car right when they turned on to the road he was killed. They normally ride on the back bumper. See the hand holds they hold on to? Also note the confusion of the SS agent called off.

Look at what (((Jack Ruby))) says about the assassination.

"...I think he will be murdered, and what is more, the media and both political parties will blame him and claim that he not only brought this on himself, but so damaged the American faith in their government, that the government will need to be strengthened to reverse the damage and heal the gaping multicultural wound left by his unbridled hatred..."

If this happens I will be heart broken. Really bad. If it does happen the only way to get the country back will be guerrilla war.

There's a third option I've thought of. The deep state is in trouble. So Trump gets in and there's some roll back on immigration and trade. People are are pacified. During this time they keep improving the killer robots they're making. It's coming very, very fast. You really should read "Dennis M. Bushnell, Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025] " he goes over the trends of technology coming up and how they may play out. His report is not some wild eyed fanaticism it's based on reasonable trends. Link.

Page 70 gives the computing power trend and around 2025 we get human level computation for $1000. ..By 2030, PC has collective computing power of a town full of human


You don't have the right pass the robots kill you.
RileyJuly 8, 2016 12:04 AM UTC


Should he be elected they just might top him. They did do JFK for LBJ. It depends on who the VP is. Should he pick some existing elected official he's probably done. If he picks someone deemed worse probably not. Newt Gingrich for example.

If he makes positive moves that actually address the problems in a rational manner, the whole pile of shit will give way and self-important people will crater. This will cause widespread hatred, reminding us all that the scorn of the unworthy is of greater value than an illuminated vellum.

Though old and sketchy, I have managed to wait out the weasels and come to the promontory where I may watch this cluster-fuck work its self out however it does. It is not good overall to live in interesting times, but it IS interesting. for my people, a babe is their master, and women rule over them.


SidVicJuly 7, 2016 9:56 PM UTC

You can't marginalize an american president unless circumstances really turn against them. They tried with reagan, but it didn't work. Plus the media is more fragmented than the 1980s. The NYTs is a shadow of its former self and has lost credibility with vast swaths of the american electorate.

I expect the repubs to rally to Trump. If they do; i actually think he can be fairly effective. I don't yet have a feel for how clever, ruthless and crafty Trump is? Should be interesting. Events may dictate. We are overdue for another big war.
ShepJuly 7, 2016 8:45 PM UTC

Door Number 3. Save me a copy of All-Power Fighting!

I can think of a substantial Trump constituency among FedGov employees: Anybody in the combat arms branches of the Army and Marine Corps...just sayin'.
SeanJuly 7, 2016 12:04 PM UTC

Number 2 though his victory is unlikely.
WayneJuly 7, 2016 12:00 PM UTC

Voting on Trump will simply be marginalized by the media and congress.
BJuly 7, 2016 10:53 AM UTC

I agree with the prognosis, sort of.

If elected (and remember, it's not who votes, it's who counts), 30% that Trump will be killed, 30% that he lives but is so marginalized and sabotaged by the permanent government (which he can neither hire nor fire) that he is completely unable to advance an agenda because of passive resistance, leaks, etc. and 60% that he walks back all his promises as he's already starting to do with the Muslims, and settles down to being a vilified and ineffectual Republican president, Reagan-style. You know, his loud proclamations of love for homos and trannies don't exactly inspire a lot of faith in his principles in me, nor his firing of his campaign manager.

Recall that Reagan did not disband any Federal agencies during his time in office.
guestJuly 7, 2016 10:36 AM UTC

Why would he be? He reeks of gefiltefish and is 100% pro Israel, unlike JFK or de Gaulle, who was only saved by his sturdy Citroen DS limousine...

My prediction, slick Willy (hay ladies) will keel over, and the nostalgia wave carries Liary over the finish line, that's her trump card, no pun intended.