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The Gray Ghost Never Rests
Three Officers Cleared of Charges Related to Freddie Gray’s Martyrdom Face Internal Affairs Probe
Montgomery County police will head the investigation.
The slain martyr of the rising Black Lives Matter Cult, and one day to be the pained image hanging on the walls of the sanctuaries of a world religion, Freddie Gray, is still reaching into the perfidious present from beyond the Hip Hop grave to avenge himself upon the Baltimore City Pigs who did him good and wrong.
Although two vanilla wafers and their chocolate filling have been dropped from the Bitch Queen State’s Attorney’s prosecutor bag of tricks, as the judge throws these poorly made and corruptly constructed cases out the legal window, the Mulattress mayor has assured her criminal constituents—including the thugs who had her nephew murdered because she wouldn’t play ball a few years back—that the maximum internal weight of the BPD will be brought to bear on the evil men who gave Freddie vinegar to drink when he gasped for water.
This will probably just make the Dindu base in Baltimore more angry at the all black establishment that somehow represents Whitey, because it is very doubtful that fellow cops are going to elect to bar these cops from returning to duty.
Also, concurrently, five of the six charged cops [one of the chocolate cops had a mistrial] are suing the State’s Attorney!
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