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‘Across from Tom’s Barbershop’
Daylight Armed Robberies on the Increase in Harm City
It is not normal for trends in violence and aggression to go from the suburbs to the denser urban center. But that is exactly what is happening, although the police are trying to cover it up on both sides of the City/County line.
Interestingly enough, a few years ago, whenever there would be a Dindu riot at the VFW event center a half mile up the street from this location, the Baltimore County Police would push the rioters down Harford Road, over the city line and then watch as they rushed into the 7-11 to loot. [On one occasion they only looted for ammunition, for bottles to throw at the rival in-laws after this wedding reception gone wrong.] Since then, the 7-11 across from Tom’s Barbershop has been looted three times and robbed at gunpoint dozens of times, almost all of these attacks coming at night. The owner would like to close after 11, but the owners of the 7-11 franchise will not permit it.
At 12:45 p.m. today, the 7-11 across the street from Tom’s Barbershop on Harford Road, just inside the City line, was stuck up by Reparations Recover Agents, who have been hard at work training in the County.
The broad daylight violence trends in Harm County, since May, have been:
-Dindu mob attacks of white individuals on the sidewalks of primary streets
-Dindu stickups by pairs and trios at gas stations—busy gas stations—that target white individuals in mixed-race facilities
-mob knife attacks of black individuals in mixed race areas
The two factors encouraging these afternoon attacks are:
1. Focus of police efforts on policing large groups of Dindu youth at and near schools, just as the BPD focuses all efforts on the Mondawmin Riots and permitted looting, fire and murder on a large scale outside of the diversionary riot zone.
2. Targeting whites when blacks are out and about in a mixed-race setting and targeting blacks while whites are out and about in a mixed-race setting. For instance, in mixed-race residential areas, white residents are out an about in the afternoon and blacks in the evening, as blacks tend to work evening shift in the service economy. Hence, black boys are mob attacked when white adults are coming and going to work and white men are mob attacked when black adults are coming and going to work, limiting the possibility of sympathetic bystanders.
Lunch in Dindustan, anyone?
Thriving in Bad Places
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