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Run, Yo, Run!
Chinese Babe Hunts Dindus, A Heads up from Mescaline Franklin
Their women pound for pound have more balls than us..
Run that homeboy, you got dundid by Jackie Chan's sister
Starts at 1:26
-Mescaline Franklin
Addendum Video
"Tommy's take! I nearly spit up my chicken wings watching this."
-Mescaline Franklin
It looks like she shot that one savage right in the arm pit while he was doing the ghetto gun drop. Three of these Dindus, one of them with a gun, and one little Asian wench does them in! And we have white nationalist faggots all over the internet talking about black super man, telling us we are too soft to play sports with Negros let alone fight them off?
I think these girls have a little Granddaddy Genghis in them.
Any race that submits to Dindu aggression deserves to go into the metaphysical meat-grinder, forever erased from the human family tree.
Thank you, Mescaline.
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ShepOct 4, 2016

ShepSep 27, 2016

Phil BSep 27, 2016

Off topic (again) but this raised a wry smile ...
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