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Back to the Future
Slavery Returns to America: A Special Bentham Report

All across the United States of America people are being held in bondage. They are forced to work as domestic servants, forced to work cultivating marijuana, forced to be sex slaves and prostitutes and held in "rehabilitation” programs as part of schemes to defraud the government. The perpetrators are in most cases immigrants from Mexico, Central America, the Middle-East, Africa, India and East Asia. If you import enough people from the Third World they bring Third World conditions and practices with them. The pernicious crime of kidnapping for ransom was largely eradicated in America during the 1930’s through laws that mandated severe punishments for the crime, such as the federal Lindbergh Law, and through relentless pursuit of the perpetrators by state and federal law enforcement agencies. Nevertheless, kidnapping has made a big come back in the Hispanic community in the country’s Southwest.

Texas police find dozens of people held captive in 'medieval and barbaric' conditions

“Dozens of people were found being held against their will in what their captives told authorities were drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, police said Thursday.

“The treatment of captives, who were Hispanic and spoke little or no English, was "medieval and barbaric," Fort Worth police said in a statement. Victims were often beaten, tied to chairs and fed one package of noodles a day, the statement said. Beds were made of wooden two-by-fours, it said.

“Nine men have been charged with aggravated kidnapping in the case, though the investigation is in its very early stages, Officer James McLellan of the police department in suburban Irving said.

“Investigators still have not determined the real intentions of the operators of the homes or whether they were being paid for the ostensible treatment, he said…”

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Just like the old claim that white slaves were indentured servants because they were supposed to be paid [although most were not], it seems like the ages old excuse of same-race slavers, that the captives were employees under contract, is being considered as a possible excuse for such confinement. One wonders, if the authorities would care at all if the confinement was not under unsavory or cruel conditions, but simply confinement in a nice building with plenty of amenities. I strongly believe that the U.S. government will eventually begin backing slaver claims to the right to detain “contractors.”

Four brothers allegedly held captive, Forced to work on illegal marijuana farm in California


"SAN FRANCISCO — Authorities say they arrested two women and are searching for two men who are all accused of playing a role in holding four brothers captive at an illegal marijuana farm in Northern California and forcing them to work there.

"The brothers told police they ran away in July from the secluded pot-growing operation in the small Sierra Nevada foothills town of West Point after overhearing they would be killed once all the marijuana was harvested, Calaveras County Sheriff’s Capt. Jim Macedo said Wednesday.

"Two other men, including the brothers’ nephew, are being sought by authorities from the small, impoverished county undergoing a dramatic transformation because of marijuana cultivation.

"The traditionally politically conservative board of supervisors on May 10 made it legal for farmers to grow commercial amounts of medicinal marijuana. The legislation was seen as a way to help the county recover from a devastating wildfire that charred 26 square miles, killing two people and destroying 860 homes in September 2015. The county itself raised $3 million after receiving 700 applications for farming permits, which cost $5,000 each.

"The cultivation law was passed over the objection of the sheriff and district attorney, who said the remote county was already overrun with too many illicit pot farms and warned of an influx of unsavoury outsiders…”

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After reading the body of this article I am suspicious of the authorities and press seeming to be so concerned over the conditions of the captivity rather than the captivity itself. I definitely think some rich Arabs are going to get away with investigations into their enslavement of domestics and sex partner s in the U.S. based solely on amenable living conditions.

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