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Kicking and Screaming into the Night
A Loud Bump on the Politically Correct Road to Media Cleansing
“If Pennsylvania goes, that’s the ballgame.”
-Cuck, Media Mangina, NBC News, 12:34 a.m., 11//9/16
“Let’s fracture the country and see if I end up with the most parts.”
-Tom Brokaw, across the table from the above tittering faggot
As I sit up into Wednesday morning watching the handwringing media and feminist commentators in tears and the S & P 500 hit rock bottom over the possibility that the obvious protest candidate, Donald Trump of the vaginal-breaching hand, might become the next autarch of this mightily-festering nation, I have no illusions that the march of the media state will be ended by an anti-media ruler.
If I wasn’t sitting in the room with my mother and my hands were not hopelessly broken and callused, I’d consider masturbating to the live feed of crying feminists at the Queen Apparent’s Headquarters. Honestly, I would prefer having a president that got up in the morning, and snarked at her vanity, “Mirror, mirror, on my wall, who is the baddest bitch of them all!” but watching the half of America that wants to enslave me more comprehensively than the other half, cry. That is worth something.
One thing that the media heads have not been able to wrap their head around—other than the Telemundo guy from Florida—is that Latinos are not as reliable slaves as the blacks. Apparently, the belief that all Latinos are Mexican border jumpers held by white liberals bit them in the balls when the Cubans in South Florida voted for Trump.
The most interesting aspect of the election was the fact that Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, slunk away to bed rather than support his party’s candidate and that these media douche bags thought that Trump’s affront to female dignity would carry the day.
The best spewing was done by NBC’s Neo-Con international news correspondent who was visibly upset, declaring the end of American hegemony as described America as a “nuclear boat” patrolling the world, claiming that the Russians are rigging elections of populist right wingers worldwide. Finally, at 2:40 a.m. a female reporter, holding back tears, announced the crushing news that a man who had “never been elected to political office before” had received a concession call from the Deposed Queen Apparent and was now the President Elect of the United States.
The fact is that the media, the international banks, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party will do what they can to nullify Trump. Furthermore, American politics will become a crusade to make Trump the last white man to rule on Mordor. At least, whatever comes, the descendants of the people who abandoned their slave masters on the Atlantic seaboard and headed West did not go quietly into the postmodern night.
A man that did not apologize for being white will soon be president!
Manginas and feminists will still queef from their media pulpits.
Dindu hordes will yet rampage through our streets.
The “usual suspects” will still slink along behind the shifting scenes.
Corporate political correctness will continue.
But at least one man will be able to thumb his nose at the beast as it grows.
11/9/16, 3:08 a.m.
America in Chains
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Sam J.Nov 9, 2016

His acceptance speech didn't excite me to much. Trump will be so vilified it will difficult for him to ruthlessly press the Heritage(White) branch of this countries interest but unless he hardens his heart and sharpens his sword.

He should take a lesson from history. Julius Caesar stomped the Roman Senate and the Oligarchs and what did he do after he defeated them? He pardoned them. He held them to his bosom. He placed them back in their former positions and for that they stabbed him in the back and bled him out on the Senate floor.

He should attack the left and the SJW. Cut their funds off. Kill their agencies. End their tax brakes for their anti-White hate fostering foundations. Fire their workers. Break up the oligarchical press corporations and throw their sycophants to the winds. End all the civil rights laws that force Whites to be bound to the Dindus and they're wretched violent offspring. Get rid of section 8 and build massive public housing towers in the homelands of our enemies that DIDN'T vote for Trump and let them bask in their love for diversity. They want diversity, give it to them. Kneecap the head of the FED if she doesn't tell us where the gold in fort Knox went. Tax the FED, a private corporation, at 10,000% annually and make it retroactive. Force the faggot boosting San Fransisco, silicon valley scum to fire ALL their H-1B visa employees and hire exactly the same amount of Americans or you'll put their asses in jail for violating the law, and every single one of them have violated the law.

They have enough votes to do this if he threatens eternal damnation of the cucks lest he draw the wrath of Trump and his evil minions. Crush them as they do to us every day in a million little paper cuts. Drive them from the field.
LynnNov 9, 2016

As I told my mother last night, while she was fretting about whether the Female would dispute the results, "Something good happened, try to be happy!" The odds are still high that it all goes to hell, but it is ok to be a little happy about this.
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