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MSMA (Mixed Species Martial Arts) News
Man Who Punches Kangaroo to Save Pet Dog from Strangulation is Under Investigation

MSMA (Mixed Species Martial Arts) News - Man Punches Kangaroo to Save Pet Dog from Strangulation.

  Dig the Video! Heavyweight Outback MSMA Champ “Big Roo” got a rear naked choke on challenger “Max the Dog”, forcing Max’s human tag-team partner, Greig “The Zookeeper” Tonkins, to tap in and nail the Massive Marsupial with a stunning right jab. After a dramatic stand-off and stare-down that held spectators breathless, Big Roo’s corner threw in the towel and fled into the bush. Fans around the globe are protesting the human fighter’s tap in. Tale of the Tape: The Great Human Hope, Tonkins, is described as being 200 centimeters (6 Feet, 5.6 inches) tall, which shows you just how big “Big Roo” is when you look at the two fighters standing side by side. No matter what you might have to say about Big Roo’s fighting style, he can take a punch.



Jeremy, this was like an old Pride match. Unfortunately, the PC fagots down under are set to investigate and take actions against the human for violating marsupial rights!


The video link is in 'Buy That Guy A Fosters, Mate!' 

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