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A Conclave of Heroes
Tying the Individual to the State
Holding that all nations are evil and that virtually all the inhabitants of every nation in every age serve their evil ends—either through the eagerness borne of mental conditioning or under force of threat—I have ever found refuge in reading military history, the smaller scale the better, where historians judges the man in the mud by his actions rather than his affiliation. However, of late, this has changed.
A friend sent me this link, a friend whose grandfather served in an SS armored division throughout most of WWII. His grandfather’s family was mostly slain in this war. The old man recalled some things to him of the Eastern Front: about ironing lice out of Russian civilian clothes they boarded with, about a court martial and firing squad convened to punish a German soldier for raping a Russian woman and besmirching their unit’s honor, about the threat to unit morale Partisan’s posed, as they murdered wounded soldiers behind the lines, which put the soldiers in the position of executing war criminals who were out of uniform, who did not deserve a bullet. Everything he told me fits the, memoir’s I’ve read, recalled in the same low key.
But this cannot be. This man must be erased. Every German soldier was a Nazi, every Nazi searched under every rock to kill every Jew on the planet—they were the zombie horde that tried to eat God’s Chosen people…
Then I recalled playing a game of Panzer Leader or Panzer Blitz, platoon-level war games by Avalon Hill, on my friend’s dining room table at age 16. His father had been an ambulance driver from D-Day plus 4 and would not speak of the war. His younger uncle was a broken alcoholic who saw months of combat against the ChiComs in Korea—a shattered man. His older uncle chastised and demeaned both of his younger brothers at the kitchen table for being weak in the next room. He bragged loudly that as an airborne trooper he and his fellow platoon members had gang-raped French women as they chased the Nazis home.
I have another friend who spoke of an Italian-American uncle who bragged of raping nuns in Europe—France I think it was.
I’ve read slightly less than 100 books on WWII—which makes me shallowly read indeed, considering the mass of material on this subject. But my take away, is that every major belligerent nation was utterly evil and waged war for nefarious goals. Rather than hold up the winning armies—who won on material superiority—as saints to the vanquished demons, I have spent most of my time reading about the only bright spots in the greatest violent spasm in history, the doings of small groups of men for one another in the face of giant machines dedicated to or predicated upon their destruction, small, human, heroic moments.
These are now being erased by tying the lowest combatant to the worst policies of his national masters, as if he sat at the conference table. This very day, as I write, nerdish types in Washington D.C. are certainly planning to send drones to explode in proximity to someone suspected of being a terrorist, to kill his family, neighbors and passersby. Once done, another drone will be sent to blow up the responding medical personnel. If the target was important enough, his funeral and perhaps the wedding of a relative will likewise be targeted. This will happen in a nation that is supposedly allied with us, in peacetime, without permission from said nation. The same mind-melting machine that would have us believe that this process is good and dutiful also demands of us that men with rifles who marched into the heart of a continent in the days of our grandfathers to slay what they believed to be a giant communist beast bent on extinguishing the human spirit, deserve no credit—indeed deserve to be punished—for taking a bullet in the face and keeping on.
That the individual combatant may no longer be released from the moral taint of the system that enslaved him, is, to me, a sure sign that the hive mind is nearing, omniscience, that the vast, Globalist God which atheists have been building these past few hundred years is about to awaken and blink its forever hateful eye into being.
May Its creators perish most harshly of all.
Such were my thoughts when I viewed the contents of the link below, at a poor-taste site I don’t like to go. But such is the warping of our collective mind that one finds themselves going such places for some of the illusive strands of the truth.
He: Gilgamesh: Into the Face of Time
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Sam J.December 11, 2016 2:53 AM UTC

The running/ruining of the West is a disaster.
Jeremy BenthamDecember 10, 2016 7:45 PM UTC

"What care I for their quarrels, or whether the eagle I march under has one head or two?" - Barry Lyndon.

"We are at war with Eurasia; we have always been at war with Eurasia. Eastasia is our friend; Eastasia has always been our friend." - George Orwell, "1984".
responds:December 11, 2016 11:32 AM UTC

Old George becomes more prescient with every passing year. It's a shame he didn't title is 2024. he would have been right on.