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The Hive Awakens
Are Globalist Covens Meeting in Your Hometown?
I received a phone call from a local friend last night, a friend, who like me, is apolitical. Neither one of us vote, confident in the knowledge that whoever gets into power, has our worst interests at heart.
Being a former educator, my friend has close associates on the academic Left. She told me last night that two friends of hers spoke of attending meetings that could be characterized as indoctrination classes on civil disobedience, focused on “not recognizing” the President Elect “as President” once he takes office.
From conversations among coworkers and bus patrons I have come to learn that this is part of a move to resist the deportation of “illegal aliens” from Baltimore City and from regional academic housing. This has been spoken of by deans and even mayors and seems to be being sold as a 21st Century “Underground Railroad” to guarantee the human right of every person on Planet Earth to come to America and get on welfare and receive free secondary education.
Trump is actually being described as the chronological reincarnation of Hitler, with many good people, who simply believe that everyone on earth deserves the easy time they have enjoyed, convinced that what the President Elect intends to do, is set up deportation/extermination camps for People of Color.
I have information about such meetings being eagerly attended, running over and taking place in Baltimore and Philadelphia. I am seriously wondering if this is the fault line where America will crack, for it seems like a fallback position for a political faction [the largest on earth, being globalists] that has predetermined that it must win control of the U.S. now, no matter the cost.
That’s all I have, a whisper of resistance and a suspicion born of cynicism that the many-tentacled beast that must rule us all perceives the immediate political future as a uniquely important time to blind and bind the flocks upon which it feeds, with no intention of letting some crazy rogue shepherd look after his particular flock.
Under the God of Things
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Sam J.Jan 17, 2017

Trump is mysterious as fuck. I have no idea what he will do. He is covered up with Jews in his past. There may even be a blackmail tape as he himself said he loved Russian Women as they have no morals. He has hung out with some skeevy guys. His Grandchildren are Jews for God's sake. Is he just all talk? Is he (the Jews) creating all this turmoil just to really demoralize us when he betrays us? Who's running these attacks on Trump? Trump is in with the Likud in Israel, big time.

Because of building 7 and 9-11 he has them by the balls if he has the guts. He could ruin all the intelligence agencies. Destroy them.
PRJan 16, 2017

Academics really are awful. Trump wants to enforce immigration law. We need to control our borders just like any other nation, or we're not a nation. In South Africa, the mostly-white academics have been traitorously siding with Bantus who moved to the country long after Apartheid ended because it was relatively stable and prosperous compared to every other African country. It even had a space program. AFter almost 2 decades of treachery, the universities are having trouble staying open and there are more race laws on the books than under Apartheid.

Trump as Hitler is an idea so stupid it shouldn't need refuting. He has Jews and blacks on his staff and one of his sons is married to a Jew or something. He has stated his support for Israel and means it. Where is Trump's "Mein Kampf" and plans to invade foreign countries to create a Lebensraum? If anything, he's the opposite of Hitler.
Jeremy BenthamJan 16, 2017

"Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them." - Thomas Sowell

Fascinating! It begins.

It would appear that one or more of the major "sanctuary cities" may serve as the "Fort Sumter" of the second civil war, eh? It is unknown how President Trump intends to deal with the treasonous sanctuary cities. Any other Republican President would likely wuss out, leave them alone and shy away from conflict on the matter. Even to enforce country's sovereign laws. However Trump was elected precisely because half the population of this land perceived that he was totally unlike previous Republican candidates for the office in the modern era and would NOT shy away from conflict with the Leftists who seek to "transform" (destroy) the country. Well we'll see how true that perception is, won't we? The day will end and the end will come.

By the way James, how many illegal aliens have your Leftie family members pledged to hide in their attics? LOL!
Nero The PictJan 16, 2017


North of Yo Adrian's Wall my vassals seem to be getting out of hand....

What you speak of is by no means covert. Or under wraps at this point. Both you and Mr. Bentham have certainly identified a trend. Battle lines are being drawn up it seems.

Lancaster County voted for Trump (Hell, Trump won the Amish vote)....Lancaster City did not. If this sort of dichotomy exists in a fairly rural corner of Central Pennsylvania it make me wonder about the rest of the country....A country that is far more "diverse" and socially stratified than little old Lancaster County. Fun times ahead for sure. Or not, the masses might indeed continue to be placated by the NFL and the wonders of prescription drug abuse.
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