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On Tarnished Gold
On Our Muddy View of Class and Race in the Past
The section at the top of this article is pulled from a Harm City article that lost me some readers and at least one facebook like. Ironically, Shep thought it was great, which means he should probably be my publicist, so I can remain relatively anonymous in the coming Civil War.
Shep commented on Harm City Today Feb-16-2017 8:23 PM UTC
The whole first essay is solid gold. The analogy to Haiti is right on target.
James responded on Feb-17-2017 at 5:40 AM:
Shep, I took a lot of time reading Lothrop Stoddard's French Revolution in San Domingo, and, having read military articles on various campaigns there, and being a big pirate nerd, had a good idea of he context. What horrified me the most, is that the professional historian that did the intro and seemingly every Rightwing American that read this book and commented on it totally missed Stoddard's point on causation and also missed Stoddard's purely materialistic worldview. Stoddard came from an age in America that the only thing that mattered more than race was money and resource extraction. He named Colonial Haiti a "jewel" of human achievement, and though he dutifully lists all of the many sins of man in cultivating this "jewel" he chalks them up as mistakes, almost entirely overlooking the festering evil that created the shinning jewel, missing the moral point entirely—which makes him a flagship modernist. His work was a moral datamine exactly because he was morally blind.
And what do modern readers make of this: either that he was a racist [left] of that his book stands as evidence that blacks are always genetically doomed to the most extreme violence—that blacks "suck" even though the blacks he wrote about were the moral creation of the white French. And no one will equate the U.S. and Haiti in this way—so Stoddard's work is unappreciated even by those who reprinted it and laud him as an icon.
Shep, to give our current readership an idea of what we're discussing, I am referencing these early book reviews:
Materialism, in its Capitalistic guise, by Stoddard's time [1918] was the Religion of the West, which would immediately be assailed—supposedly—by Fascism, Communism, Feminism and Environmentalism, which ironically—with their sights on capitalism [the vehicle] instead of the body of evil [materialism] themselves all became enthralled by materialism: iconographic ostentation [symbolic materialism], racial obsession [a gross form of materialism], and the other more absurd ideologies of the Century that Ate the Human Soul, all eventually congealing into the worship of the human body and its comforts and pleasures [functional, ethical atheism], to the extent of abandoning space exploration—short-circuiting the very human and extra-African impulse to explore, by embracing the African impulse to remain. Probably the cruelest thing about Trans-Atlantic African slavery is it took the only branch of humanity that refused to leave Africa and adapt to greater challenges [1] and forced them into the American perpetual-change matrix that has driven the most adventurous and adaptive strains of humanity into majority drug addiction. [3]
The entire view of early modern slavery is intrinsically imperceptible from the warped postmodern view point, so let me try and seek clarity by using one of our modern false dichotomies as an analogy.
Slavery in early modern times was an ancient practice that had been warped by modern industrial mercantilism [Maryland-Virginia and points south], modern Zionist Christianity [Pennsylvania, New England] and Darwinian Race Consciousness into something physically no worse than ancient servitude, but morally worse, more damaging to the human mind.
The early modern slave owner thought in terms of the Zionist Christian [often from a puritan perspective], eventually wedded to a semi-Rousseauian, utopian view of non-whites, or he thought in terms of mercantile industrialism wedded to a Hobbesian view of the lower orders, which included circumstantial [blameworthy] poor whites and naturally [blameless] non-whites and eventually came to embrace a Darwinian view of race to buttress the turning away from Old Testament pro-slavery Christian interpretations of enslavement to New Testament, anti-slavery sentiments. basically Paul overcame Leviticus in the abolishionist mind.
Both segments of the upper class despised poor whites as fallen humans, the trash of society, the shed skin of a growing serpent. For these classes of poor whites there was no redemption and they rendered themselves beyond redemption by their refusal to abide permanent enslavement, necessitating the enslavement of blacks, which the Zionist Christians saw as inferior souls that might be edified and brought to God, with the mercantile industrialists viewing them as subhumans that might be used in the name of God to advance the material civilization, which they had come to see as God's will, for Christian proselytizing to primitive Amerinians and Africans had, from 1600 up through the late 1800s, equated the mechanical wonders of Western Civilization with Christianity, as the boon enjoyed by Christians for their embracing of the One True God.
Race-based slavery did not exist in the ancient world and was a purely modern invention a modern institution, a way of modifying serfdom to match the increasing potential of resource extraction promised by industry and the taking of aboriginal lands. Ironically, although the modern mind [a drearily degraded thing] equates African slaves in America with free American Indians, American Indians equated African slaves and their free children with the whiteman, they were just colored white men with buffalo hair.
Below is a mental exercise to help the deluded postmodern mind view things through the historical glass clearly, which is to say darkly, for the truth of slavery was worse than modern liberals and conservatives or blacks and whites believe. Conservatives believe that slavery was an unfortunate mistake in the founding of a free nation, when in fact it was a natural adjustment to the low class white's impulse for liberty that was used to extend the life of a nation that was founded as a slave plantation. America was never intended to be anything else but a worker farm, trading post and naval way station for the British Empire, and the Revolution by the Founding Fathers was simply the act of onsite supervisors seizing the entire produce of the operation for themselves.
Comically, modern liberals think that white people are just naturally evil fiends who want to enslave other races, denying that Europeans enslaved most of their own people for most of the preceding 5,000 years!
So what was the modern slave master, from roughly 1700 to 1868 like?
In his opinion of poor whites he shared the same harsh disdain as modern liberals and conservatives, both elites and middle class followers, who disdain poor whites as failures, rather than the descendants of the poor whites that their forefathers enslaved.
On the opinion of blacks, the liberal and conservative, the Left and the Right, disagree.
The elite Leftist liberal sees the black as his or her child, a child which is retarded and most be provided for indefinitely and protected from the evil men on the Right. In this view the Leftist is identical to the slave master of old, with one troubling difference, the negro-loving slave master of old, who preferred dealing with black slaves over free whites [this is extensively proved in Stoddard's book on Haiti], believed in beating his children, just as any pre-19th Century Englishman believed in beating his own biological children, beaten to death if necessary, according to the ancient patriarchal prerogative bequeathed by Rome, just as the modern Rightest and conservative believes in harsh judicial punishment of black criminals. The elites of today, have taken the paternal responsibility of the slave master to the Political Left and the harsh duty of the slave master to punish his property, to the Political Right, fracturing the evil, schizophrenic mentality of the slave master—who had sex with his slave-girl and then beat and sold her children as if they were not of his own bloodline—into two uncomprehending halves, like a conjoined twin, with one head only willing to view romantic comedies and the other only willing to view horror movies, with both judging each other and all else from those stilted perspectives.
What is truly fascinating is how the Right has grown amnesiac in terms of the political history of conservative white resistance to the expansion of un-free African labor. Rather then seeing modern blacks on the Liberal white leash as a potential enemy to be freed from their brainwashing masters on the Left, they view the loyal victims of the liberal plantation of the mind as having actual agency, of deciding for themselves that attacking certain types of whites is just and that other types of whites are immune for reasons of material benediction. It is hilarious to me, that the men who believe that a handful of Jews rule the entire world, including Japan, China and Russia, cannot bring themselves to believe that while their forefathers tried to wish blacks back to Africa that the forefathers of the Left were turning them into foot soldiers for globalism, a result that American Blacks do not realize will result in their own genocide as they happily snarl on their white master's leash.
1. Based on how many geographic regions outside their continent of origin they have colonized or conquered, with conquest rating double the initiative as colonization of virgin lands, the level of adventurousness and adaptability of a human sub specious may be rated from most adventurous to least:
1. Caucasian [Many historians and anthropologists think this racial group is pathologically hyper-aggressive, though I disagree on most points of that argument.]
2. Amerindian [2]
3. Polynesian [2]
4. Asian [2]
5. Australoid
6. African, including Cappoid and Negroid, neither of which are known to have ventured beyond Africa, and if they did, Olmec statues not withstanding, failed to conquer or colonize such regions.
2. Groups 2 & 3 being extensions of 4.
3. Most Americans are drug addicts, with addiction rates higher among blacks, who also suffer higher hypertension and blood pressure rates and are more prone to gambling, a psychological addiction that is expressed mostly at state lottery stations, back alley dice games and basement card games, not at casinos. Gambling is a form of passive, surrogate risk-taking and fits well the mind that perceives it has no agency in its own life. Blacks are also prone to higher rates of violent crime, which is—in my view—an evolutionary step above gambling, with the criminal striking out against the great social evil that has imprisoned him. [4]
4. I realize that my statements about America deserving to be ripped asunder and that America has always been evil does not sit well with many readers. However, I have never said that America is not great. Most Americans equate greatness with goodness, which is plane wrong. Greatness has only to do with power. Alexander the Great was not Alexander the Good in his commitment of no less than 10 genocides in a drive for his own immortality. He was evil and he was great. America has never ceased being great and cannot ever become good until it does cease being great. However, the postmodern mind is so immersed in such false dichotomies as "good is great" "crime is bad" that a "politician" [a parasitic human puppet master] is a "public servant" and that the "majority [who are necessarily stupid] knows best" that I have scant hope that sanity will emerge in the American collective mind before calamity.
Under the God of Things
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LynnFebruary 19, 2017 6:20 PM UTC

To Jeremy's point, America is definitely the worst country in the world, except for all the other countries.

I can overlook James's occasional screeds for several reasons. 1. The writing is good and original. 2. I have a feeling he doesn't always mean it. James may not lose his temper in real life, but he doesn't mind doing it online. 3. The US federal government, particularly the spook division and the central banking aspect, is probably the most evil entity in human history, of course many books can and have been written on that. 4. I have a vision of James as a wild mustang of the Great Plains who somehow got transported to a zebra herd in the Okovango Delta. He can figure out how to get along but it drives him half crazy to do it, and he has picked up some strange habits and zebra sympathies along the way.

James—I hope you don't mind! I mean it with all the love in my heart!

Bottom line: America sucks in many ways, our history is full of shameful acts, and yet, America still sucks less than most anywhere else, and most importantly, it is our home and we should fight for it.
Jeremy BenthamFebruary 17, 2017 3:46 PM UTC

“America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” - Alexis de Tocqueville, “Democracy in America”, 1838

“I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance ... everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” - Adolf Hitler, Hitler's Secret Conversations, 1941-1944

“Nothing in the Balkans that is worth the bones of a single Pomeranian Grenadier.” – Otto von Bismarck

“You don’t need to be a weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing.” – Weatherman Manifesto

James, even being the jingoistic myrmidon that I am, I forgive you for wishing America be “ripped asunder”. By now I am jaded to such pronouncements and largely ignore them. So I look at people who burn the flag and/or wish ill on America the same way I look at the endeavors of entertainers like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus who constantly seek to “shock the squares” with their onstage antics: we already know what’s coming, so hurry up and show us your hoo-ha and let’s get it over with. An expatriate Iraqi gentlemen I worked with in Baghdad, who fled Iraq for England after Saddam Hussein came to power, told me he often encountered Arabs who were of the opinion that Saddam was a good and righteous leader. The gentlemen told me he never argued the point with such people, instead he would tell them that since they felt that way he wished for them that someday they would have the opportunity to live under a ruler like Saddam. So likewise, to anyone who says they wish to see America be destroyed, to not be, because they believe it to be wrong, stupid and/or evil, I sincerely wish for them that they may have the opportunity to live the rest of their life in someplace that is not America.

Personally I accept the inevitability that America is headed for a breakup, a national divorce if you will. The “American people” are now so divided politically, regionally, socially, racially, linguistically and economically that it no longer makes any sense to try to hold the republic together. Not if we are to maintain any stability and prosperity for us and our posterity at all. The Leftists in our “Deep State“ are insane and want to wreck the entire country, and have been doing a pretty good job of it thus far. The election of Trump has brought it all out in the open for even the dullest among us to see. The people in the coastal blue states are now largely so different in their attitudes from those of us in the red state Heartland that it seems like they are not from same planet or same species as us, much less the same country. So if the blue state Lefties/anti-Trumpers, multiculturalists, et al want to go their own way, let them go. If a foreign power attacks them they’re on their own. I do not believe it would be worth the bones of a single Kansas National Guardsmen to defend them anymore.