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I Love the Smell of
Burning Libtard Genitalia in the Morning By Andrew Ryan
They would never have done this in the 1960s in student protests because they were too busy discovering their genitalia. But today, college scum from across the great US of A, are threatening to remove their reproductive organs if Trump builds the Great Wall of America:
I am aware that this story has been classified as false news:
But this is where the mainstream thought police are very wrong. You see, these libtards have already essentially have had their genitals removed, at least metaphysically and mytho-poetically. If building the Wall is, as the deranged Leftoid believes, an expression of patriarchal rape culture, then for omega “men” the answer must be penis removal. It won’t take long, as there is not much there. Do it with those tight green rings which we used to put on the nuts of baby ram lambs.
As for the female variety of feminists and reproduction, well, womb removal would save on the abortions and cut out the middle woman:
See it as a liberation from patriarchal oppression imposed by Father Nature.
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IshmaelFebruary 17, 2017 12:46 PM UTC

Hell with the elastrators, sharp knive, throw them in a bucket, deep fry, and.......