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I have recently received, comments, emails and even a phone call concerning my blowing off of a white man named Torres [Really, you want this to be the face of your cause?] and his push cushion receiving, lengthy prison terms [far exceeding terms for murder dished out in Europe] for taking part in a “Respect the Flag” caravan through a residential neighborhood occupied by blacks in a Southern state. I don’t even recall the state, just that, in the two articles I read on this, that the lawyer for the defense did not seem to have disputed the facts of the case, but rather devoted his energy to arguing for a light sentence. Perhaps I missed a lot. After all, this was not a story about a man being punished for flying his flag over his house, but taking it into enemy territory in an undeclared civil war and expecting a light sentence from those very powers that would deny such a civil war exists.
I recall immediately taking a “fuck him” attitude when I saw Torres crying like a child at his sentencing. Since then I have been told that this entire case is lies made up by the Southern Poverty Law Center, that there was no shotgun, no tire iron, that the defendants did not dismount in a residential area, did not voice racial threats of violence. I expect that Alt Right types will soon claim that there was no caravan, that Torres and his lady were drinking beer at home and that he is being locked up for flying the Stars and Bars over his own lawn. So I ask my indefatigable fact checker, Jeremy “Lights On” Bentham to establish the facts of the case.
I am trusting to my Chicago Bureau Chief, Jeremy Bentham to present the facts of the case in his follow up to this, in Paleface Forum #A-2.
This case—which reeks of emotional stupidity to me—seems to be of importance to a number of readers who identify with their race differently than I do. I don’t expect anyone to be as strange as I in this regard. I am a racial Darwinist who believes our weak and stupid should be culled—before breeding if possible—and am therefore not a “my kind, right or wrong” kind of guy. Looking to bigger and more brutal times in the future, since it is obvious that palefaces are under attack from all corners—most insightfully by our own leadership class—I think that this subject may be used to begin a series of open forums on paleface racial issues. In order to stay off the Sate radar I’d like to stick with Paleface and POC as racial designates. These will be three part forums:
1. the presentation of the subject
2. the facts of the case
3. weighing in on the facts and ramifications
So without further undoing, this case, the first online forum on the fate of the paleface race, is designated: Torres’ Tears: Paleface Forum A, the facts [2] and weight [3] of the case pending.
Note: feel free to present your own subject for the Paleface Forum via email to James at
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Sam J.March 5, 2017 9:23 PM UTC

"...Exceptions to all races, I remember a cabby, James mentioned, saved a white woman me thinks? Sweeping generalizations, beware!.."

Well the "exceptions" are exceptions. I make generalizations because they are generally true. Notice we're supposed to make exceptions for Blacks (Double standard) but for Whites of course every damn one of the Whites is responsible for slavery. Double standards, double standards, double standards.

How many Africans were saved by Whites that live in the USA? All of them. They would have died as slaves in Africa. Do we get any thanks for this? No.
Sam J.March 4, 2017 11:48 PM UTC

This article is the essence of why you have to have flag parades in Black neighborhoods. Africans haven't changed at all and require the exact same strict control in the US that they require in Africa. It's the exact same as what I'm talking about Whites having the warrior spirit in them. It's been suppressed, but it's there and baring contentious repression and reminders it will come right back out.

This is by the way a great read.

This is a great summery of a story written by a couple that drove across the Congo in a Toyota land cruiser and how this relates to culture loss in the US and Europe. I can not recommend enough reading the whole story this couple wrote. It's great entertainment and educational too.
IshmaelMarch 4, 2017 1:49 PM UTC

Exceptions to all races, I remember a cabby, James mentioned, saved a white woman me thinks? Sweeping generalizations, beware!
Sam J.March 4, 2017 9:13 AM UTC
Sam J.March 4, 2017 9:09 AM UTC

Destroy the USA
Sam J.March 4, 2017 8:31 AM UTC

Contrast of penalties between SJW and Whites.
Sam J.March 4, 2017 12:34 AM UTC

Poor little 13 year old Mary Phagan murdered by the Jew.
Sam J.March 4, 2017 12:11 AM UTC

"...Judge William McClain said. “It’s inexplicable to me that you weren’t arrested by the police that day."..."

I guess the White people were so evil even the police didn't want to touch them. Keep in mind there were lots of police there. If they were threatening the kids with shotguns...would they have arrested them?? It's an interesting question. If the people in the trucks were responding to having rocks thrown at them and they had shotguns is this appropriate? If people throw rocks at you shouldn't you be able to threaten them with shotguns. I think so. Don't throw rocks just because you don't like what flags people have on their trucks.

There's two different rules. One for Blacks who can do any damn thing they want and one for Whites where we're supposed about everyone, be mindful of others, don't upset anyone but everyone else can menace and attack us constantly.

While I'm perfectly aware that not all Blacks or Jews are the image of Satan neither of these two groups will lift a finger to help Whites in most cases. THEY have made it an all race all the time issue. THEY have used courts, cash and violence to push for oppression of Whites. I've done nothing except go full Jew Nigger just like them. My people first and fuck the rest of them. Even if my people suck they're my people. My kin.

Don't let the Jews lie to you that they don't fully support the absolute worst of their people. The Anti-Defamation League(ADL) was started because an evil pervert Jew raped a 13 year old girl and tried to blame it on a Negro. Now you know in the South if the Negro had of been any way responsible they would have hung the Negro but even those Negro haters knew the Jew did it. He was caught red handed., There's NO DOUBT he did it. So the evil Jews got together and tried to get the Jew pardoned. So the White folks dragged him out of the jail and hung him. This of course they call antisemitism. No they just hung a rapist lying Jew. Pardon that. So the ADL to this day, lying pieces of shit, got him pardoned. Probably by bribing everyone they could find.

ADL's lies.

Real story.
Sam J.March 3, 2017 10:42 PM UTC

I started reading around the various accounts.1. They were riding all around the county.

"...Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner said in a statement. “This case was about a group of people riding around our community, drinking alcohol, harassing and intimidating our citizens because of the color of their skin.”

On July 25, 2015, Torres and Norton, joined about a dozen other people in a convoy of pickup trucks waving large Confederate flags as they drove around Douglas County, a suburban Atlanta community. Most of them belonged to a group called “Respect the Flag.”..."

Notice they don't say they were drunk and so far I've found no arrest for anyone being drunk so drunkeness is nothing but hearsay.

Douglas County is a county where Whites are being cleansed by Black crime. In Clayton county a Black elected ,"...Sheriff Victor Hill called 27 of his employees into a jail holding area, ordered them to hand over their badges and gun, and told them they were fired. They were then escorted out of the building as snipers were perched on the roof; some employees were driven home in vans typically used to transport criminals. The sheriff called the move necessary, part of a plan to reorganize a dysfunctional department. Those fired - the majority of them white - say they were let go because of their race, age or support of Hill's political opponents including the white sheriff he unseated...".

Isn't it James who said we should fight back yet when someone does he turns his back on them.
Sam J.March 3, 2017 6:47 PM UTC

"...not a “my kind, right or wrong” kind of guy..."

This is part of the problem. It's a White disease where Whites think they're the lone ranger who's going to save themselves and the ones they love all by themselves and fuck anyone else who's not as tough and strong as they are. How did that work out for the Germans when they met the Romans. Little short fuckers who organized behind shields, kept their ranks and hacked these giant "warriors" down like mowing grass, then enslaved all their Women and children? Stupid fucks. They out numbered them and out powered them but their stupid,"I'm the big bad warrior" stance got most all of them killed and their Women and Children enslaved.

"...I recall immediately taking a “fuck him” attitude when I saw Torres crying like a child at his sentencing..."

You presume too much. I bet he wasn't crying for himself. He was crying for his kids.

"...I am a racial Darwinist who believes our weak and stupid should be culled—before breeding if possible..."

You're making a huge mistake. You completely misunderstand genetics. The people who conquered this continent are still here. They have been brainwashed and "epigenetically" suppressed to be non violent. You may not agree with this but if it's true then what exactly are you doing to trigger these people to a state where their genes switch on the pathways to make them more aggressive? You complain about, "White's attacking Blacks that didn't do anything", yet the Dindus are mass murdering, raping and slowly curtailing the territory we can inhabit. Where's you compassion for Whites? Double standard. Dindus, "poor innocent Dindus", White's, "fuck them if they aren't all fighting supermen". Why don't you say the same for the Dindu's that are not supermen? Why compassion for them and not for White's? In the long run Black people don't give a fuck about you and if there was a lack of food would gladly boil up you and your children for dinner.

The Jews are not as strong or numerous as us but they run damn near everything because they stick together. That means that YOU by not sticking with other Whites are the weak link. Not all the other Whites who have compassion for each other. If we had 10% of the Whites that would stick together then we could readily do without your,"I'm the lone super hero" as you do little good for the rest. Your genes are not as important because they will be swamped by the tide of third worlders with the rest if we don't stick together.

"...“Respect the Flag” caravan..."

They rode down the road with Confederate flags. Then Blacks started throwing rocks at the trucks. This was countered by calling them niggers. 35 years for this. They must have had a lawyer that didn't want to make waves and he probably had NO idea that they were going to give them this kind of sentence. This is really a disturbing the peace type incident. To give you an idea of the seriousness the Police made NO arrest the day of the incident.

You say they were invading their neighborhood. I'm perfectly ok with that if we get to keep the Groids out of our neighborhoods and if they come in we can throw rocks at them and if they fight back they get 35 years but I don't see that happening. This is a total police state anti-White tactic and your belittlement of it is a weakness. This shit is dead serious and is the equivalent of monkey talk before a fight on the legal level. It's a way bad, super evil precedent.