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'What Did These Geniuses Expect?'
APNewsBreak: Sex assault reports up at Navy, Army academies

"They come in from a society where this occurs."

—Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh, at Senate hearing, explaining 26,000 sexual assaults a year in the military

"What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?"

—Donald Trump, on the same subject

Vibrant diveristy in the military Acadamies . They have increased the number of women in the Acadmies over the past 20 years, while at the same time they have increased the number of minorty Males attending. Thus the Powers-That-be have put more potential victims and potential offenders together at close quarters. They have even given many of the potential offenders supervisory control over the victim pool. Gosh, who would have thought then the number of sexual assault REPORTS would increase under those conditions, eh? Surprise!

Seriously, Jeremy, they've got a babe named Lolita working this case!

Mar 15, 1:17 PM EDT


Associated Press

AP Photo

AP Photo/Kathleen Lange

WASHINGTON (AP)—The Associated Press has learned that reports of sexual assaults increased at two of the three military academies last year, and an anonymous survey suggests sexual misconduct rose across the board at the schools.

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PRMarch 16, 2017 11:10 PM UTC

So our military is dying a Marxist death. THis is good and bad. Good in the sense that when they use it on us, it will be ineffective. Bad in that our military is now a ceremonial force such as those that were easily defeated by the Mongols and the Huns.
Sam FinlayMarch 16, 2017 3:09 PM UTC

On what the geniuses expected; F/The Small Wars Journal - "Changing the “Macho” Male Culture of the US Military"


...Early this year I talked to another military buddy who had just left the Pentagon. His comments were even more troubling. “I used to think the Pentagon was divorced from the reality of the combat arms side of the military- that it was so out of touch with the average infantryman that it made me sick to work there,” he let on. “But that was when I first got there,” he continued. “Today it is times a hundred. The advocates of the women in combat arms are basically part of a larger effort to change the military culture- which they call a “rape culture”- and these folks are really linked close to the wider effort to change American culture.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Since I’m quick to suspect things that sound conspiratorialist, my BS-ometer started to go off. But, then I heard the same from two other friends of mine. In essence, the idea of many of these advocates is that the American male is a, mostly unconscious, misogynist, and that it comes from our culture: movies that hype physicality, combat, aggressiveness, and the treatment of women as objects. It also comes from our military: males dominate the services, are the only ones allowed in combat arms, and thus make up most of the higher ranks. The cure for all of this is simple: change the culture.

The “change the culture” movement has manifested itself in many ways and has taken on different efforts as well as groups that are loosely aligned towards fundamental change. On college campuses it has largely taken on the shape of the movement to end sexual harassment and sexual assault. As one professor from a prominent campus told me recently, “It isn’t really about ending sexual assault; it’s about controlling people and changing behavior. Men have the advantage in almost every way, so we have to find ways to cut into that advantage. Making traditional male behavior something that is socially unacceptable will cut their advantage. We have to make it unacceptable for men to talk the way they talk now, act the way they act now, and interact the way they do with women now, and have traditionally.” Hyping sexual assault statistics, making women fearful of men, and building a system that finds men guilty until proven innocent are simply means to the greater end of “cutting male advantage.”

In the movie industry, change has been slower, but increasingly children’s movies depict a smart and physically strong heroine and a weak and unintelligent male. In some action films, one-hundred pound women amazingly punch two-hundred pound males so hard they kill them. The message is clear: women can do anything that men can do and it is acceptable for women to be physically aggressive and strong- men, not so much.
responds:March 16, 2017 7:14 PM UTC

I'll post this as an article, Sam.
Sam J.March 16, 2017 3:58 AM UTC

From what I heard they're raping Men too.
responds:March 16, 2017 7:03 PM UTC

You can bank on it.