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'For Making the Girls Cry'
Zman on 'Bagging' 'the Big Mic' and the SJW Trophy Hunt

I for one love to see the skirts and the ties going at it. As much as I'd like to see video of pompous O'Reilly standing on the neck of a tranny and strangling a lesbo, his demise will do. Aside from my trivial preferences, the loping off of media heads teaches us as much about our social subtext as the burning of witches and the slaying of Bishops past should have taught those idiots. I very much enjoyed Zman's exposition of the mechanics at play in this case, properly couched as they are in the material concerns of the Post-Human Age.

The Demise of Fox News

Posted on April 20, 2017

"News brings word that the SJW’s have bagged their biggest trophy to date. Bill O’Reilly is the most popular cable news talker in the business and he was just fired for making the girls cry. It is all part of what is looking like a well orchestrated effort to break Fox News on the wheel of political correctness. The screeching harpies knocked out Roger Ailes and now they have taken out the top star, all via the same method – powerskirts claiming to have been done wrong by the knuckle-dragging misogynists running the network."

Read more of this very clean takeaway at the link below:

Under the God of Things

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