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‘Importing Chinese Police’
Black HITLER, Drinking Camel URINE, Six Tonnes of Erotic Magazines and Other Strange News from Black Pigeon Speaks

Poaching in the Paris Zoo?

Drinking piss at the café?

Hillary did not go away?

Black history month in Ireland?

Black Hitler is running for office in Finland?

I like this news magazine too much not to pass it on.

As for the Chinese police in France, we have African police in Baltimore who are not citizens. Friend tells me that African and Turkish cops are now sought by the NYPD over New Yorkers. This is an old government gambit. The Egyptians used black Sudanese slave police to punish their white laborers—get used to it, it’s coming back. The Athenians had only one standing military force, which was their unit of Scythia slave archers.

Eventually they’ll want drones and androids policing us, but for now, the tilt will be towards alien cops, although that is not the reason the French did it recently. The Frogs were actually trying to entice Chinese tourist dollars to their post-immigration paradise by hiring friendly Chinese cops, which makes the case, that you can tell when the government prefers people of your type and when they prefer people of another type, based on whether they police you with cops drawn from your group or another.

Under the God of Things

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