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Mayweather versus McGregor?
What is Your Pick James—If The Fight Comes Off? A Man Question from Steve Goldstein

There will not be a KO.

Mayweather will not risk his hands or record trying to KO McGregor, although he could, and if he tried it would be an epic battle. But he’s the money man—risk averse and keeping an eye on his perfect record.

McGregor is used to getting to his man using leg kicks, or catching them winging away, which Money will not do. I do think he will apply more pressure and make it more interesting than the boxers that have challenged Floyd Money.

Conner will drive in, stand and posture and ask for a brawl.

Money will run, hug and jab, counter and step off, and otherwise make it a non-fight. I see Conner being a sucker for the clinch. The clinch is key here for Money, just like it would be key for Conner if they were fighting san shuo or MMA rules. They both have a clinch instinct that serves radically different purposes, so the only thing that really matters is the rules.

Here are my picks depending on the venue:

LPR bare-knuckle: Conner, round 7, KO

MMA: Conner, round 1, Submission

San Shou: Conner, round 2, KO

Kickboxing: Conner, round 5, KO

Brawl: Conner, 6-9 seconds, Submission

Boxing: Money, Decision

I wouldn’t pay for it but am interested in seeing the replay.

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