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Paleface Hoodrats
Dindustan in Your Hand

Small town palefaces this time. A stash house raid?

Jeremy, I am first, thrilled that Harford County Sherriffs—two of whom were gunned down last year—recognize a home invasion and don't reclassify it as a burglary, robbery or assault like Baltimore City and County officials do.

The one kid comes from Forest Hill which is mansion country—millionaire alley. Harford County now has a very dense population, basically the place where 30% of white Baltimore fled over the past 30 years.

So we have a rich kid and an upper middleclass kid from suburbia, bedroomtopia.

Why is this happening?

Stash houses that service Bel Air are in negro enclaves over in Edgewood and Aberdeen along Route Forty where the whigger and the dindu were set on fire in the street last year. These two babyface Gs wouldn't be kicking in doors over there. This is probably an attack on a small-time dealer who either drives into Baltimore to get his stash in small quantities or who is supplied by the dindus over off Route Forty, which is the major pipeline from Baltimore to Philly. These kids in Belair tend to travel along Route 1, Belair Road, down to Overleas Station, just inside the City line to get their dope. This may very well be about pills. The various hospitals and rehab clinics and courthouses along the #15 and #55 lines that converge at Overlea Station bring baggies of pills to this area, which are dealt in rental houses back in the still predominantly white neighborhood. I hear transactions being planned by phone often.

On a broader note, since about a dozen members of my family have fled to Belair over the last few decades to escape this kind of stuff, it is ironic that with our global hiphop life style ethos is in full swing, with every person hooked into the media feed, bringing what they tried to escape at great cost. Dindustan is everywhere, in the palm of every youth's hand, recreated in every American suburb, and now that white culture is nearing self-erasure, with white masculinity either a joke or a war crime, what you are going to see is a lot more of wannabe white Gs in the rarified suburban hood.

With the youth of today, dinduism is an extra-racial commodity, with parentally neglected, upper middleclass white girls making self-defilement pilgrimages to Baltimore to have sex with gangs of Black men in back allies in return for the honor of firing dope and being left in the gutter. Likewise, the boys that might have been their partners—if they do not manage to pimp the girls out—they then imitate the feral hoodrats, attempting to attain the level of degenerate barbarism that has made the hiphop homeboy the icon of American consumer culture.

We are well onto the steep slope of upwardly welling criminal values saturating the entire social strata.

Both suspects in custody in Bel Air home invasion

BEL AIR, Md. —

Authorities have arrested two men in connection with a home invasion in Bel Air.

Police said they have arrested Ian Patrick Heinecke, 18, of Forest Hill, and Ryan Michael Smetana, 18, of Bel Air.

Officers were called at 1:47 p.m. Sunday to 401 Moores Mill Road on a report of burglary and assault.

The victim told police that between 11 p.m. Saturday and 3 a.m. Sunday, two white men kicked in the side entrance to his home while he was asleep and then began accosting him.

Smetana punched the victim and stomped on him with his foot, while Heinecke struck the victim several times with a hammer, police said.

Heinecke and Smetana face various charges including, home invasion, burglary and assault.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Mark Zulauf at 410-638-4524, or email

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Nero The PictApril 21, 2017 12:19 PM UTC

This is dead on...I witnessed this same sorta crap going down in Perry Hall/Parkville and Overlea 20 years ago. Where I was set upon by packs of windu's for the crime of non-conformance to Hip-Hop nation. Round about 93' or 94' a couple dudes I knew casually, got shot while coping dope at "The Hole" which was sort of like a McDonalds drive thru located in some bombed out alley off of Gay St. My best friends sister from growing up followed the same pipeline to banging hoodrats for dope. Though she neglected the route 40 and Belair Rd route jumped into the deep end—She preferred her chocolate of the Perkins Homes variety. Last time I saw her she was strung out on Eastern Ave. Right near Tochtermans doing favors for passerby.