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Sorry to hear that your health has taken such a nose dive....Not trying to take up too much of your time; but did you ever hear of this case?

Yes, this case was mentioned in William Craft's autobiography of his and his mostly white wife's escape from slavery. I am of the opinion that white women held as chattel on the claim they were quadroons, and also quadroons themselves, were intentionally bred with black slaves by their masters so that their children would be held even if she won her freedom, which is what happened to this poor German slave girl. She had the courts rule for her freedom and against that of her mixed children. Mind you that the best legal team—the dream team of the day—had been assembled to aid her, otherwise she would have remained a white slave in New Orleans. Note that William was permitted by his master to have sexual access to the mostly white slave woman who would become his wife, probably in order to breed legally mixed chattel.

The willingness of Europeans and European Americans to sell their children into slavery seems to be equaled by their unwillingness to recognize their mixed race children as anything other than fully of the darker parent's race. This "black supremacy" ethos, which declares the DNA of Sub-Saharan Africans to be more powerful and superior and more defining of character than Caucasian DNA never made sense to me until looking into the period economics of producing and maintain herds of human cattle. It never fails to shock me that white nationalists, European identitarians and even white supremacists still adhere to this rule of African Racial Superiority—which can be logically explained in no way other than a belief that Sub-Saharan African genetics are dominant and that Caucasian genetics are biologically submissive, which contradicts the histories of warfare, science and even modern prizefighting! What Lunacy! With white heavyweight boxing champions reigning for over a decade and blacks hunted out of the top rung of most prizefighting weight classes, people still tell me on an almost weekly basis that fighting is the domain of black men? My friend, this warped racial consciousness goes deep and is founded, I believe, in systems of slavery designed to keep whites in bondage and only grudgingly adjusted to accommodate blacks as replacement slaves.

William relates Sally's plight in ‘No Trace Of African Descent’

Caught this book at the library the other day and haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Finally made it to the local Historical Society Library. Talked to a very sweet librarian there who said that she was aware of some of the older localities in PA still keeping on record the receipts for those that completed their terms of indenture. As far as she knew these receipts would likely be held by the Registrar of Deeds.

Hunted around for about two hours and didn't find much. Might go back again soon when I'm on break again.

Take Care and get some sleep!!!

-Nero the Pict

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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BobApril 25, 2017 6:36 AM GMT+4

Here's the article I was thinking:

N.b.: I don't share all the guy's views, but his article seemed to address the consequences that have befallen the miscegenated Portuguese.
BobApril 25, 2017 2:22 AM GMT+4

I think the One Drop Rule was designed as a firewall to protect the integrity of the white population (the gulf between sub-Saharan blacks and the rest of humanity is today borne out by research, not bigotry).

The experience of Haiti before and after the revolution suggests that half-breeds are likely to be culled by "purer" blacks. Interesting, though merely speculative, is the theory that Portugal's relatively low median IQ (with its correlate, median income) is attributable to the small admixture of negro blood, a consequence of their colonial policies.