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Boxing as Parkinsons Therapy?
A Man Question from Big Ron

Very interesting. What do you think, James.

-Big Ron

The tragic thing about boxing induced Parkinson's Syndrome is that I robs the fighter of the very thing that defined him as a boxer. So it makes sense that practicing those skills that are ruined by the disease can help with the linkage.

Although the training is shown on a heavy bag, I would suggest lighter bags as they are more apt to cultivate coordination and less likely to jar the brain. If you have a concussion, for instance, you don't what to hit a heavy bag, because the shockwave travels through your brain.

Also, susceptibility to boxing dementia and Parkinson's Syndrome can be tested for. Note that Ali, before his last fight, had a CAT-scan in Bermuda which showed his brain separating at the hemispheric membrane.

The Punishing Art

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