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Don't They Look Sweet?
Two Feral Hero Thugs Running from the Woman Who Gave One a Girl's Name

I'm sure they were sick of mom... also one has a girl name. Go figure.

Two male children- Twins Missing

Hello: I saw this on Facebook and in the comments it said they were spotted at the IHOP bus stop on Loch Raven on Wednesday. They are described in the comments as sweet boys. If you happen to see them please let the police know, as they had run away on June 10th.

-Lili Hun

Uh, James, you know that's not all my comment, that it came from the text online, right?

Far be it from me to call the cops on two kids who finally escaped their bitch jailer who nurtured those lovely expressions you see on their faces. If indeed that's the truth and she didn't just get rid of them and file a false report.


Kimberly and Keon Campbell, 12-year-old twins with studied man-thug glares, have escaped from the beast that spawned them. Billed as "sweet children" these two look like future murderers with the 1000-yard hip hop stare already ingrained in their frozen faces.

I have seen one of these boys recently, near the IHOP described in the post and hope he makes his escape to some other town, where he will hopefully murder some white liberals and ghetto gangbangers as he blooms into toxic majority on his asphalt-purgatory road to Hell.


White in the Savage Night:

A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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