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Notes On Street Battles
A Graphic Depiction of the Death of a Sitting U.S. President

This is one of the posters that popped up in my neighborhood recently. Note how the urban street fighting workshop will be hosted by "strategy gaming experts". I imagine they'll be fully trained and ready for the revolution in no time.

Also note that the service employees union is providing logistical support.

Oppressed people of America, fear not! The dishwashers and hotel maids are teaming up with the gamers to save you!

-Tony Rooster, Portland

Description of Tony's Photo of an Antifa Poster

In my view, the following is conclusive proof that the Deep State—meaning all of the U.S. intelligence agencies, including the Secret Service, want President Trump out or under. In any former presidential term, a poster recruiting political street fighters that depicts the sitting president being killed, would have rated a visit by two Secret Service agents, or worse.

On an off-stapled wooden telephone pole, above a rain-slicked sidewalk, on the upper Left Coast, is a black and white poster, with two side-by-side upper panels and one lower panel.

Upper Left Panel:


We Will Fight Them With Our Every Ounce

Upper Right Panel:



A graphic of the President, wearing a swastika on his lapel, having his head gorily split with a chainsaw by a mixed-race American with an afro, graces this panel luridly.

Lower Panel

Strategy games: Self-Defense in the Streets

SEIU Local 6401 SE Foster, June 3, 12-4 PM

By training together we can push back white supremacy on the 4th. White supremacy is killing us! Remember those who died fighting on the M4X May 26th

[A 4-line activity description, finishing with "...hosted by longtime Portland Activists and strategy gaming experts.]


Oppose Alt-Right Bigot Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman


A Dead Nation...

..across which the atomized moral insects it spawned skitter about, suggesting the brutal death of the person who will probably be the last male steward of European descent to hold that office in the animate corpse of a suicide nation.

The people and officials of no living nation accepts the casually enthusiastic calls for the death of its chief executive. This is exclusively a feature of deceased polities. More important still is the image of the hated Whiteman being turned into meat by a mixed race martyr of the Media Age, a message that should not be lost on those few palefaces who have yet to denounce their race as intrinsically and unalterably evil.

The message is clear, a white man who does not decry his race singularly guilty of all the woes that beset mankind, must be slain.

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

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